Cristian Pavon

  • Sky Italia and a number of other accounts all reporting the approach from Sampdoria.
    Would love this to happen.

  • @Westy haha nah it piled in so I removed almost all the players from it which made it start working again. I think the secret is to not have too many on it!!!

  • @Westy my watchlist has always worked!! Doesn't seem to transfer when logging on a of instead of my phone. Quite a useful tool!!

  • Think i held this boy before the world cup, cashed out for a small profit after realising he weren't all that... then brought in again at a lower price around the Libertadores final and i'll be honest... slow burner isn't the word!!!!

    Low risk for me and a low level of investment so not really bothered either way but it's one of those if i do decide to cut my losses no doubt Arsenal will be linked with him again and his price will then go through the roof...


  • @NewUser731 there is no watch list on my phone app!! (iPhone) mad how they all seem to be different. just don't add too many players to it or it'll stop working for no apparent reason 🤦‍♂️

  • @9stevo I don't actually use the apps. I just go on the website though my phone and it has always seems to have worked well. I've never got on with the FI apps.

  • @NewUser731 agree the browser tends to work fine but what i have 'still' noticed after many years is that when i log in through my mobile chrome browser it has one watch list (of players saved via mobile) and my laptop chrome browser has another list of players saved through desktop...

    Again something that is faulty with the system but something which over time i've simply got used to and put to use!!

  • Your watch list is based on your browser, for example if you add a player to your watch list browsing on Firefox, when you log in on Chrome they wont be there. And as for why the Watch list breaks or disappears is because if you clear cookies you clear your watch list. Its that simple sadly.

  • @speedloafer that's absolutely mental!!!

  • Looks like it’s all confirmed to LA Galaxy by all accounts.
    Jump ship if you haven’t already.

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