Ben woodburn

  • A young liverpool prospect only 0.85p.. very very cheap when you look at the price of all the other young players.

    Starting tonight against sevilla if he scores his price could rocket! There already seems to be a lot of people getting on him!

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    i thought about looking more at harry wilson more chance of a goal or assist..looking for quick buck if im totally honest as ive missed out on greenwood,nketiah and im getting annoyed haha

  • @Rob-E im on Woodburn and the returning Ox

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    @Black-wolf woodburns a great shout tbh its just hes spiked already and some ppl say dont just get on if hes on a rise..see how much of the rise youve missed already & see if its worth love to credit who said that but cant remember haha deffo someone off the forum tho

  • @Rob-E nketiah had a rise yeaterday before i got on him.. he has continued to rise since.. as has brewster.. lol

  • @Todds but it’s easy to get burnt here on players like woodburn, don’t judge the market on the last few days.

  • @Rob-E yeah fair point ive been on them for a while though so my port value has benefited from that spike

  • @Mr-Random-number yeah i get ya. Tho i only bought 75 shares. A bit of a gamble maybe but if i notice him dipping i will get out before its a disaster. Thanks for the advice!

  • @Todds well he could of had a goal already from a decent cross from TAA :) a gamble is a gamble, we are all gambling, it’s a gambling site after all and many forget that 😎

  • He’s prime for a loan deal imo, so i’d get out straight after preseason. But tbf that could be said of 90% of the hyped youngsters.

  • @Mr-Random-number yeah your spot on. So far it seems like a bad gamble as his price has went up.. then down again.. hoping for a big performance from brewster this second half

  • @Rob-E you’re better off getting on Curtis Jones than Woodburn. Jones is 18 English, goal scoring attacking midfielder. Ticks much more boxes and is more likely to get games at Liverpool and make it than Woodburn who had a poor last season at Sheffield Utd

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    @9stevo i wanted wilson originally tonight but in the end ive left it altogether ..nobodys really made an impact so ill wait and see what happens in the games against sporting & napoli nxt week

  • @Rob-E fair play, totally agree, poor game all round however what you really need to do is guess who;'s going to make the impact in those games before they happen otherwise you'll be too late. I have a feeling it may be Jones I've just bought some so my money is where my mouth is on him!!

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    @9stevo yeah thats what normally happens but lately ive been watching the market and brewster rose like hell,got me thinkin why on earth has that happened has he scored or something? check flashscores and he literally scored 1 minute previous so im just basing it on that....i am very new tho so taking everyones advice on board and looking at all comments

  • @Rob-E Yeah good point, Brewster's last big rise came after a pen against Dortmund (he was up about 10p the next morning) that game kicked off at 1am. But the real catalyst for him jumping seemed to be Greenwood scoring the winner for Utd in a 1-0 win the following afternoon. I dunno it may just be a coincidence but the serious money went into him (and he went up another 40p or so) once Greenwood scored and people started throwing money at the pair of them. I still think Jones is the best bet over the likes of Woodburn and Wilson though.

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    @9stevo decided to go for neither pool player now after seeing another members advice saying brewster and greenwood could go to £5 by september.i have £200 spare so gonna wack it on greenwood see what happens haha funny old game this

  • @Rob-E go for Brewster, his price is lower so he's got more potential for growth (I hold equal amounts of both btw but if I had cash to top up I'd but it in Brewster)

  • @9stevo can you see brewsters price rising more? Klopp hasnt started him the last 2 games instead going with Origi. And the front 3 still to come back also.

    I do hold 100 shares of him but in 2 minds whether to cash out for about 15% ROI or stick with him in the hope he increases further.

  • @Todds these are friendlies, last night he played two different teams one for each half so you can;'t talk about who "started" on who didn't!! Gomez, Milner and Fabinhio also didn't "start" last night but I'm certain they'll be in the first 11 come Norwich. The Charity Shield is less than two weeks ago, Mane just finished his season 2 days ago and Bobby and Mo aren't back from yet, I'd bet you anything Brewster starts in it and his price will keep going up, imagine if he scores against City in that game!! That said its your bet mate and its important to have an exit strategy, if you're happy with 15% sell and get out with your profit. I got in early when he was injured so I'm currently up 368% but I'm holding as I can see him being £4.50ish by the Charity Shield and media some divs along the way if all goes to plan!!

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