Rafael Leao & Ismaila Sarr

  • whats the thoughts on how these 2 may progress this yeah - similar attacking threats in Ligue 1, ive held for a while now but thinking of jumping ship...i guess i bought them as long term holds...but boredom often sets in quicker than sense...

  • Sold my Sarr, linked heavily with Watford and I don't see that being great for his dividend prospects.

  • I hold both and the lack of attention of these 2 just shows how quickly hyped youngsters can become ‘old news’.

    It is possible they will both be involved in some late transfer but I am holding mainly because I am certain wherever they end up they will both have purple patches next season (maybe even the whole season) where they prove why they are such hot prospects.

  • Leiao will be in champions league for lille. Champions league goals get price rises aswell as league goals. Hold until he scores if deciding to sell. But with pepe leaving and thiago sold to lyon, i think lille are playing two up front next season

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