Top Players who aren't suited to the current PB Matrix

  • Trying to second guess the exact changes that may be coming to the PB scoring matrix is clearly going to be an impossible task.

    I believe the main motivation in making tweaks to the matrix will be to ensure the very best players that currently don't score high become more competitive PB scorers to add a bit more logic to the system.

    Kevin De Bruyne for example - which may have been the reasoning behind the single user who invested £50k+ into him yesterday.

    Trying to plan ahead as best as possible here so thought it would be useful to share players who we think FI might see as examples of current anomalies that they may want to base the upcoming tweaks around.

  • Does anyone have a link to the survey that was done or a list of the potential updates please?

  • The way I see it I don't think things will change drastically.
    For defenders - full backs will gain from dribbles and centre backs from aerial duels.
    For midfielders - key passes and dribbles will help some, but if gwg goes then this helps the 90 sideways passes but don't score often players like Kroos who regularly loses out to mids with gwg.
    For forwards - if they give aerial duels too many points then no 9 target men could be the biggest beneficiaries which I'm not sure is the desired effect.

    I'm worried that what we'll end up with is some points scoring changes that on paper look great but the full consequences haven't been thought through. I would love to see them not change in for the start of the season and stick with the existing matrix whilst running the proposed new one alongside it to check for silly unexpected impacts but I think we're gonna end up with a new matrix launched a week before the season starts and chaos :)

  • N'Golo Kante is one of the world's best players and still only 57p!! Still can't imagine any changes to the scoring system that would make him a worthwhile investment in FI though.

    CDM's and goalkeepers are underpriced and I still can't see that changing for the foreseeable future.

  • @FairlyNewUser

    All of the questions from part 2 of the survey are copied in this thread:

    This only gives us a hint to the upcoming changes though!

  • Jadon Sancho is the biggie that doesnt suit the current PB matrix. De Bruyne is actually very well suited but injury and rarely playing a full 90 are the biggest factors against him last season

  • Well they are adjusting it so its a bit of pointless post, sorry.

  • Anybody who doesn’t complete high volumes of passes really. Out and out CF’s the most common victims.

  • With likely boosts to successful dribbles I think theres uncertainty. Somebody posted something from the existing matrix about "dribbles/take ons". I take from that that they are seen as 2 different things so i just wonder if a full back picks the ball up on the edge of his box and charges unopposed to the half way line before squaring it to a midfielder without having to beat a man, will that be classed as a successful dribble.

  • Basically all holding midfielders, one of the most important and valuable players on the pitch, waste of time at the moment though on the Index.....

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