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  • Is Lingard undervalued at £1.70? Lowest of the Man Utd attacking mids options and a possible star with England at the WC? And Eric Bailly arguably the best CB at MU is back from injury and, looks undervalued at 89p. ?
    Thought on both?

  • I got 1 share In lingard when I bought a tracker package when I first started (mistake), and he's dropped over 50p since. This was when his stock was pretty high, he scored some important goals in big games and seemed to be riding high - but since then he's not been so influential - but then again united haven't been playing anything great either.

    If United go far in Europe and he gets into the England squad then who knows how his price will go. I'm unsure how united will structure their team with Sanchez and pogba though, Sanchez arrival might push him out more.
    If he gets in the media more I may jump off a cliff.

  • Got loads of time for him personally. A bit of a rise closer to the WC has got to be on the cards - he's been crowded out by new competition more than anything recently

  • I got rid of a handful of Lingard after buying at around 1.30 during his goal run and I agree at 1.70 I think he still has scope to move upwards.... I might take more back before the England squad is announced because he should be in it which should see his stock rise again (maybe £2-2.20 is the ceiling if he's in the WC squad and hits the net at anytime?)... My only doubts are with my own philosophy of only taking each clubs 'best players' and I think he's far from that at United... not even top or 6 perhaps??

    As for Bailly I like him at 0.89 but he's raw and prone to an error which might effect any stable growth? I do think there are better more solid defenders for a similar price but he's pretty low risk and if he hits top form his price could do better than double which is always a very attractive outlook.

  • Man U centre backs are a shambles and he is arguably the best they got at the moment, just seem cheap to me, can see him hitting 1.20ish with a couple of good performances perhaps
    Lingard puzzles me, I bought at £1.20 and sold near the £2 as I needed cash to invest in Neymar ;) however I was expecting hi to raise, I see him a bit as sterling who has now gone up north of £3, maybe people don’t like his cockiness and dance moves!
    Don’t think he’ll hit £3 as Mourinho is ruining all his attacking players (Rashford is one I sold for that reason and now seems Podgba turn although i’m Holding him for MB)
    Just think Lingard should be worth more than £2 and wanted to gauge others opinions before splashing the cash, yes maybe is worth buying now and in expect a rise in a few weeks before the World Cup?
    *goes and sells a few players waiting for him to bag a screamer again it’s sevilla and buy a bucket full ;)

  • With Lingard I just can't see him regularly/ever being the most talked about player (MB) or best PB midfielder for either Man U or England. His price probably will rise before the World Cup, but in my opinion it "shouldn't". (Just to be clear, I do realise what I think is irrelevant and what matters for making capital gains is predicting what the market WILL do, not what you think it ought to!)

  • @BL__FI
    To an extent, it can be self fulfilling. If people think player a will rise then they buy him to pre-empt a profit causing a rise. People see the rise and jump on which fulfils the expectation.

    Really the world cup shouldnt add much to most players value , a small percentage will take home divs. But it may be worth buying because others will - all my buys recently should be in the WC

    It works the same the other way, if the expectation is a player will drop , they probably will and it may be important to be first one out.

  • @mike778 yep, that was pretty much what I was trying to say in the brackets :)

  • Ha ha fair doos .... 100 words better than 10 . Erm maybe

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