• Wanted to see what people think about which players price will spike due to people wanting to get them for IPDs, seen the obvious players mentioned such as Vardy, even Matt Richie for penalties. Anyone got any predictions/suggestions for who they think will be a good pick?

  • Milivojevic, drmic, Savanier spring to mind. Penalty takers and some set pieces

  • They have already spiked mate, I would wait until the first few games of leagues and buy on drops.
    Check graphs to see how much some players have gone up a lot of inflated players at the moment.

  • I got 1000 Suarez for average price of 71p. Every time he scores but isn't top of the PB match day live rankings, I plan to sell 100 or 200. If the price drops on the Monday after I might buy 100 back again and they would then be IPD eligible again. Then repeat.

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