Price rises

  • As I've not experienced the index during the footy season I was wondering if someone who has could answer me a question.

    I assume as IPD's can be bought retrospectively if a players scores a goal or assists I would expect the player price to rise. However does that apply on all players or just the expensive ones?

  • @Pagey74 IPD barely has an effect on the higher priced players. It's primarily used for flipping - so when you take into account commission + spread … IPD isn't worth it above £1

    cheap player scores or assists... they rise 5-10 maybe even 20p initially... then drop off as people take the cap ap rather than wait for the ipd div.

    Best plan is to be proactive... look at the fixtures... find a cheap striker who you think will score a few in his next 5 games... when he does score, time the ipd spike and sell to market

    Used to be easy to make a killing but since the move to 900 shares per penny... the rises will be slower and will put off a lot of IPD flippers.

  • @Vespasian32 Thanks pal.

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