Do the profit and loss numbers on your account add up right?

  • It seems that I have apparently lost £1200 over the last two months but I'm sure that's not the case. Maybe half of that but not the whole lot. Anyone else had any issues with it?

  • No but yes!

  • If you have done a lot of buying/selling//withdrawing/depositing then this can often skew the figures.

    Keep a tally of your net deposits then just subtract it from your portfolio value -

    And also don't worry about the 7 day and 24 hour figures - think long term!

  • @Tom7471 it's garbage. Those P&L figures are all just based on current value and what you paid.

    So if you sell a few shares that are green your P&L goes down (when in reality it hasn't changed).

    You need to set up a spreadsheet if you want to keep track. I just have one that I update as im not fussed on daily/weekly profits, just my total profit at any given time. But you could run the below template every day and then have a variance of each bottom line figure.


    so I just update the figures whenevrr I want a fresh total profit figure... but instead of refreshing I could run it at 9am every day as a copy paste job so I have a daily profit figure

  • Superb thanks guys. I knew it didn't make sense because my portfolio value hasn't gone down much. Say £200. I wasn't worried even if I had lost £1200 as I'm so excited for the season but I just thought they were skewed. I sold all of my zaha and Eddie nketiah at there peaks so that makes more sense.

  • Banned

    @Vespasian32 be awesome if there was some kind of like automated/automatic spreadsheet you could download from somewhere as im super awful with number id never trust myself typing it in manually

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