Market Suspension 30th July 7pm

  • Big new regards PB system

  • Must be for a 30 minute suspension. I suspect another increased commission day for the index.

  • Hopefully the IT gang have had a talking to. All measures to avoid another cluster fuck have been taken.

    Bring it on.

    And then watch the chaos as people re-jig their ports for the changes to scoring.

    I’m staying clear for a day or two then making my moves.

  • Get ready for the keepers to catch fire 🔥

  • What we expecting then? Just slight tweaks or wholesale changes? Surely players like Alcantara and other ‘passers’ will be at risk?

  • @Milnerman

    Yeah, I suspect that there will be an over reaction to the changes in matrix scoring and probably plenty of sharks out there pumping players who have top stats for dribbling or heading - even if they're completely useless at every other matrix attribute.

    I also suspect that the FI website will crash at some point and they will blame excessive traffic, even though a pigeon could predict that website usage will be very high from 7.30pm onwards.

  • Christ sake I may now have to buy up loads of keepers instead of rash 😂😂😂

    Own category or not, they're bound to fly

  • @MickTurbo said in Market Suspension 30th July 7pm:

    Christ sake I may now have to buy up loads of keepers instead of rash 😂😂😂

    Own category or not, they're bound to fly

    That’s Mick’s net cast. Bring home the fish my man 😛😛😉

  • Im not going to change a thing until players become proven dividend earners under the new matrix. It might mean i pay more but id rather pay more for something with value than get stuck holding something worthless

  • I dont know how I feel about this.

    On one hand I do think the scoring system needs an update. On the other hand it completely changes the game to what extent we don't know yet and we all bought our players based on the old scoring system, imagine your £4ish player drops to £3 through nothing other than FI changing their rules.

  • Everyone knew it would be changing. Anyone whining needs to get over themselves.

  • I really don't expect the sort of change that will ruin entire portfolios or strategies. I believe most of the best PB players will still be right up there under the new matrix.

    In my opinion this emphasis on take-ons has been overstated. I don't see FI rewarding take-ons more highly than successful crosses or key passes, as these by definition lead to chances being created, while a successful dribble is exciting to watch but could still result in a sideways pass or a cross being shanked out of play. I trust FI will get the balance right.

    What might change is the removal or lower emphasis of GWG, which in theory would make the PB matrix easier to predict and actually have a positive impact on all the usual PB beasts. They may also remove the score for corners taken, which is the only change I can see having a big impact on a certain type of player.

  • I expect the website to crash after 30 minutes and not be able to do anything anyway like every other time there an announcement.

    I’ve got some some dribblers
    ipd types.

    Hope for the best!

  • @speedloafer so you’re saying some decent pb players now might crash after the changes? Surely FI should of made the changes after the season ended, not when most have already sorted there portfolios for the coming season.

  • Was there actually a question about keepers on either of the 2 surveys?

  • @speedloafer exactly, absolute joke if this ends up costing us shit loads to accommodate people who moan because the rules dont suit them.


  • Is it definately changes to the pb scoring system ?

  • @Stevo I guess it depends on how many more players are now capable of winning PB and will PB be increased. And we get a whole 30 mins to read the new rules, take them on board and adjust your portfolio in a scramble and thats assuming you are available at the time of the announcement.

    I did see the "Everyone knew it would be changing. Anyone whining needs to get over themselves." How though? Tonight was the first announcement wasn't it and only a small % are on this forum.

  • @MrWh1te said in Market Suspension 30th July 7pm:

    Everyone knew it would be changing. Anyone whining needs to get over themselves.

    Spot on. It’s been obvious for weeks and let’s be honest it’s been on the cards for a long time.

  • @Stevo Rightly or wrongly i sold off over a third of my port when that survey was released. That cull cost me 2.7 percent of my ports value at the time. I could see those attributes wouldnt suit those players and have adjusted and reinvested in players i thought it would suit accordingly, without moaning even though that adjustment was expensive. I see far more money heading into the top end on the back of this announcement. Everyones gonna have a moan when the rules dont suit them, thats exactly what you are doing at the threat of rule changes too.

    I signed up knowing that FI have a tendency to fudge things, you have bought players knowing FI have a tendency to fudge things. WE both know what we signed up for and its why we are here. for the record i wasnt one of those who was pushing for change but i accept they have the right to change it and will try to adapt accordingly rather than moaning about it in the hope that the long term things will be better. They are never going to please all people all of the time.

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