Market Suspension 30th July 7pm

  • @Stevo @speedloafer i see what you’re saying here fellas, basically FI shouldn’t make changes while the platform is growing and competitors are looking to make inroads into the market because it MAY inconvenience a small percentage of users in the short term, even if that change has a more positive impact to all users down the line. What FI should do, is either keep the product exactly the same and wait for a competitor to jump in with a better, more flexible product, or wait until there’s a bigger user base and make changes...

    Good shout.

    Personally I see this as a positive, FI have listened to feedback from users and are proactively looking to make things better - admittedly they may not get it right all the time but they’re listening and learning, which can only help FI to develop. Ultimately, it will make us more money in the long run so enjoy the ride!

  • @dionysusthyrsus said in Market Suspension 30th July 7pm:

    @Chris-J From the T&Cs.

    4.1 We may update the Terms of Service from time to time. The revised Terms of Service will be made available on the Website and the date of revision made clear. We may present a "pop-up" or similar feature when you log on to the Service, which you will be required to accept before continuing further.
    4.2 You should pay particular attention to the latest Game Rules made available on the Website as changes to these may have a material influence on whether and how you place any Bet and/or otherwise use the Service.
    4.3 You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms of Service so that you are aware of any changes. Your continued use of the Service after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms of Service. If you do not agree to (or cannot comply with) the Terms of Service as amended, please do not use the Service.

    We reserve the right to change or remove any aspect of the Service at any time, including the ability to alter prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functions and/or other characteristics of the Bets. Any changes to the Service will explained on the Website, or via the App, or by email using the latest contact details provided by you. Please see “Announcements” section in the Game Rules, which explains how we may announce any future material changes to the Service and/or the Game Rules.

    Should make that clearer at the point of deposit considering completely moving the goalposts like this is non standard within the industry.

  • I’m not that bothered about a few tweaks, I’m not going to sell anyone I wouldn’t have or buy anyone I wouldn’t have before Tuesday.

    My two major major concerns!

    Market research. What’s been done? have they based it all on a couple of (pretty) crap surveys and had a scrum down at the boozer and tossed a coin? I’d hope they have run some real data and know roughly what will happen post change.

    IT and Customer Service, are they up to the job?
    We can’t get to the first PB games and having errors and unpaid divs.

  • @Chris-J This platform is non standard within the industry tbf.

    @Ringers Bang on, well said.

  • Personally it won’t affect me as I’ve 80 plus in my port BUT I can understand people being ‘pissed off’ so close to season

    The cynic in me says:
    Summer promo is almost over ..FI thinking we can generate lots more buying in week up to start of season

    I recall when I first joined a few ‘big fish’ withdrew everything cos FI changes ❗️

  • @Jad1982 yeah it said its an announcement on changes to the match day scoring matrix

  • @Neil2265 said in Market Suspension 30th July 7pm:

    Debating getting a couple of keepers.
    With MB opening up to all and potential PB changes may be worth a shot. 🥁
    Thinking Lloris and Pickford?

    Nothing about either survey or anything FI have said suggest any change that will benefit keepers. I'm going to invest heavily in players called Kevin as that maybe worth a shot with the upcoming game winning Kevin bonus.

  • @Alpilgrim fair enough think I'm confusing myself atm 😂

  • @dionysusthyrsus said in Market Suspension 30th July 7pm:

    @Chris-J This platform is non standard within the industry tbf.

    @Ringers Bang on, well said.

    It’s still a sports betting platform nonetheless.

    I appreciate I’m probably coming across very bitter about this but the PB system is a game of very fine margins so as someone who has spent a lot of time and money adapting my portfolio to the current system any changes to the matrix will only have a negative effect on my portfolio

  • @Chris-J how do you know? Would you be saying the same if you thought it would have a positive effect?

    At the end of the day no one knows what the change is, or how it will impact short term but as this platform is still growing any negative is going to be outweighed by the positives over the duration of your 3 year bet.

  • @Chris-J I get it mate i had a 37 port of mostly pb holds, i trimmed off 15 when that survey came out thinking that money could be better spent in other pb players given the nature of the questions and who those attributes might benefit, That reshuffle cost me £300 in port value.

    I could be wrong in how iv reacted and gauged this and if i am ill doubly suffer given ill have to react twice having reacted wrongly the first time. in that event ill be pissed, more at myself for pulling the trigger early. On the other hand if i have gauged it well ill be very happy having gone bigger in those holds as more people will be piling in on them once the new matrix is released. I just see this as another part of the market madness, some people will miss out, some people will win. It is what it is, its not like many people are losing money on here is it?

  • @Alpilgrim then you must have Kevin Lasagna with the 'Italian dish media bonus'

  • From a personal point of view the overwhelming majority of my money is in MB types so in one sense I'm not unduly worried. I have loads of PB trackers with only a handful of those players held in decent numbers.

    My concern is that come this announcement, whatever it may be, people will interpret it each in their own ways, some will follow what certain forum members say, and people will spend a lot of money accordingly.

    Some will be right, most will be wrong. First pb game that comes along, people will be glued to the live rankings and if a player isn't scoring well he'll be mass sold, and a player with a bigger score will be mass bought. In short 2-3 years of knowledge and experience of who is and isn't a good PB hold will be chucked out the window in favour of 45 minutes of gawping at the live rankings.

    The initial response to the announcement will probably be wrong in most cases, the reaction to the first actual in play data we get will undoubtedly be an overreaction and on the whole were likely to see carnage, again.

    I just think there comes a point were everybody has to say 'this is the game, take it or leave it'.

    Yes somebody said we knew changes were coming so get over it but theres 2 things I'd say to that

    1. we dont know what or when they will be
    2. nobody can say what the long term effects will be

    Does this remind us all of anything topical? Maybe we should of had a referendum on it

  • @Neil2265
    They need to adjust something for keepers or they will become worthless, and then when they do adjust it will be chaos

  • @MickTurbo tbh in a round about way we have had a referendum on matrix changes!
    If there had been a majority in the first questionnaire saying ‘leave it as it is’ I’m certain they would have done.
    I just wish they’d have formally named it ‘The Football Index Performance Matrix Referendum 2019’.

  • @GregF exactly. In sure whatever is changed wont affect things to much. Hopefully if anything the scoring system will better reflect the real world as this is one aspect of FI thats confuses and puts a lot of new users off the platform. Nearly everyone buys a player like Kante when they firat join up only to find his real world ability isnt rewarded in FI.

    I dont think things will change as drastically as that in one go but i do feel this should be the 1st of many gradually changes and tweaks to correct and perfect the system until it gets to a point that people cant moan or claim the ststem is wrong or needs fixed. Yes we have all bought players based on the current system but if changes are to be made to improve or prolong the platform then im all for it and ill change and adapt with it as and when it is required

  • @Black-wolf I've just had a little punt on kante actually. Surely its players like him that are the anomaly of the PB matrix and therefore the most likely to benefit from tweaks

  • @MickTurbo ive been tempted but im sticking with my original port and plan until i can see who scores well or not. I wont change anything upon the announcement ill wait till at least late October and reevaluate then if changes are needed

  • If they are going to be changing the PB system, there are probably gonna be some people who wont be happy (not myself). Do you think they might announce a dividend increase before the new season as well to nip any discontent in the bud? I personally think that would be a good pr move for FI especially considering some of the tech issues they are having and to time it with the new season would be good for marketing.

  • @Black-wolf just occurred to me when I read your post so I've had a little dabble. I'll buy up 300 of 1 goal keeper on friday as well and that will be as far as it goes. If either are benefitted I should make divs.

    If combative midfielders are benefitted surely kante will be the new kimmich so I talked myself into it

    @CJ0101 just a thought that popped into my head yesterday, perhaps totally unrealistic, dont increase divs amounts but have a category for gk, centre half, full back, cdm cam winger striker.

    I know there no way wed get all of them but maybe centre half and full back. Just seems mad that somebody like VVD is in direct competition with TAA. The two are completely different footballers

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