Origi scoring again

  • Divock Origi to me seems a real bargain. Just over £1 and in good goal scoring form at the moment scoring in his last 3 friendlies against good opposition.

    Still relatively young, signed a new contract and with Liverpools front 3 still not back in action he looks set to start a few games.

    City in Community Shield.. Chelsea in Super Cup.. opening day against Norwich?

    Klopp has said he will play more this year which is a good sign and he seems to have more faith in him than Brewster (who is well over 3x as costly)

  • Short term for the first month of a the season I think origi represents really good value, but if you compare it to firmino who’s £1.48 I think, I don’t think it’ll be that great a long term hold, plus I’m not sure Origi will get much of a shout for Belgium at the Euro’s

  • @ChazFI123 if he continues to score then dont see why he wouldnt start. I know what you mean as firmio is a nailed on starter and seems cheap aswell.

    Do you think firmino would be a good hold?

    When you look at players on this (some ive never even heard of with no real transfer spec) i cant help but feel there is good value in Origi.. even if it is just a short term hold.

  • Agree on origi. Seems like an easy 50% roi target.

    Firmino sits at around this price all of the time. The new scoring matrix might help the likes of him though? Kante, Fabinho, firmino etc. Have always been supressed by the current matrix, so might jump up in a week?

  • @DrDog what way will the new PB matrix be scored? Or when will it be changing? Would be good to know before the season started.

  • @TRADER101 to be honest in my short time on here it seems like strikers who are solid performers don't seem to be too great investments, especially as Firmino won't have the euro's or anything next season. I don't think there is any chance that when they're all fit and available Klopp would mess around with the front 3, they're so well balanced. Plus although Origi has scored important goals lets be real he's scored maybe 7/8 goals, half of which have been in pre season. It was less than a year ago Liverpool fans found it funny that he was getting anywhere near their match day squad so I'd personally keep him for a quick rise but I can't see him being a sustainable long term rise

  • @ChazFI123 all im saying is of he continues to score i will be a happy man. Looking for a quick return on this one.

  • @TRADER101 I definitely think his price will continue rising potentially ending up about £1.30 but I would probably get out around that price

  • The optimum time to sell is before kick-off on the day of the Norwich game. He's bound to continue to rise until then (barring injury in pre-season) but after that it's a rise if score, fall if don't scenario. I'll take my profits without gambling on him scoring against Norwich.

  • I don't see Origi as an elite striker I think he will always be in someones shadow at Liverpool. They should get Werner in before Bayern snap him up on a free next season. Imagine front 3 of Mane / Werner / Salah, I can feel the lactic acid just thinking about it.

  • @ChazFI123 i agree i bought firmino off the back of Origi’s last rise as his current price is making the more regular playing firmino look very appealing

  • When you look at the price of other premier league strikers who are also not guaranteed starters he looks a bargain to me.

    Is firmino a good PB earner or can he be with the new scoring?

    He looks a value buy also considering his scoring and assist record. Wins tackles aswell with his high pressure game.

  • @Black-wolf its mad how low Firmino's price is

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