Andreas Pereira

  • Judging by the ticker activity it was only a matter of time before someone started a thread, so why not me.

    I'm guessing he got the assist for Martial goal as the activity came during match more than when the teamsheets were announced?

    Any UTD fans think he will be a major part of the squad this year. I just bought some cos I was amazed he was 76p! There was an article about him the other day where he said he'd got over some mental issues from last season and now wants to be a key player.

  • I've always liked Pereira but I'm not convinced he's a United player, I do think he'll get some chances this season as our midfield options are so thin, I think he's a tidy and useful squad player but I can't see him having a major season...although his set piece delivery is a bonus and he does work very hard which Ole seems to like, plus they wouldn't have given him a new long term deal for no reason

  • I'm a united fan and think McTomminay will always be ahead of him, but still potential game time this year in the Europa league.
    Never really had a proper run in the first team so interesting to see how he does providing we don't sign anyone in the transfer window!

  • All depends on who we bring in I guess. His versatility will help him get more minutes.

  • Yes @Vespasian32 it was Pereira who got the assist for the Martial goal.

    76p is pretty cheap, so very little risk involved with a trade at that sort of price (as I know you are well aware) however I highly doubt he will be a "major" part of the squad this year, or ever tbh. Think he's destined to be a lower-pecking-order player that can do a job when we're in need, but I can't see him being a regular part of the first choice 11.

    Was highly rated when SAF signed him as a 16 year old and I seem to remember it being quite a coup that he picked us over ALL the options available to him at the time of his 16th birthday. However, he's now 23 and never really fulfilled the massive potential he has imho.

    Be that limited chances in the first team, mental issues, attitude problems, lack of actual consistency across whatever age-groups he's represented I honestly don't know, but something seems to have held him back (like it does many youngsters I might add)

    Spent two seasons out on loan in Spain too (cant remember where, sorry) and didn't exactly set the world on fire.


    Quick google tells me he spent the 16-17 season on loan at Grenada (35 games with only 1 as a sub, 5 goals and 3 assists) and the 17-18 season on loan at Valencia (23 games with 12 of those as a sub, 1 goal and 3 assists)

    Surprised to learn he actually has 1 senior Brazil call-up too.

  • Too inconsistent and I doubt he will get enough starts to change that at United.

  • this isn't how pumps work... all the people who have just bought him in the last hour are supposed to come on and tell me he is world class and @zola25 should jump in with "2.50 by October for sure"

  • cough cough

    76p!? WOW @Vespasian32 you've gotten yourself a bargain there pal. If I had any spare money I'd be lumping in as much as possible. Unfortunately it's all tied up in Luis Advíncula.

    Pereira has all the technical ability to be the next Neymar and he's loved in Brazil. A bit more media shy than Neymar, so I doubt he'll quite reach the heights of £7, but I reckon he's a shoe-in for the next Brazil world cup squad, so I can honestly see him being £5 if you have the patience to wait until Qatar 2022.

    cough cough cough

  • @LukeMalla £5?!?!? He will become double the player Neymar could even dream of being! £9 by Xmas for sure.

  • I got on him at 69p the other day... will be holding for the long term

  • Quickest buy & sell of my short career on FI

  • He isn't good enough.
    Gomez will overtake him long term.

  • @Tom77 is that Mario Gomez? ;)

  • @Neil2265 Ye McTominay is ahead of him for sure. Too lightweight and hasnt got the ability or influence on a game to make up for this. Wouldnt stand out for a mid table club.

  • Have a feeling lingard will play 10.

  • Resurrecting an old topic! Just seen a fair bit of ticker buys going through on the news that Pereira appears to be in the starting lineup at number 10 for Utd. He’s a pound currently. Not seen much of Pereira but has he gotten over some injury issues or something to get back in the team? Due a rise?

  • Right wing
    James on the left
    Mata 10

  • @Luke I personally really like Pereira but I think if he is gonna have a run in the United team it’ll be in the role that Herrera had last season, he has so much energy and is probably technically better than Herrera but defensively a bit worse. So I’d possibly use Herrera’s price at United as a bit of a guideline. Does take some set pieces though

  • He was 89p last night, be careful on him today could be a big swing.

  • @Tom77 yeh I see that on the team sheet now. Some news report I looked at said he was playing number 10.

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