One month anniversary

  • Tomorrow is my one month anniversary of joining FI. I am currently showing a gross profit of 2.73% and an increase on my portfolio of 3.52%. How does this line up to your average monthly profit/growth?

  • Pretty good seen as you came in at not the best time.

    My first month was the last month of last season and so started well. Slowed a bit over summer but still gains

    Since I have been on here, if I was to IS the portfolio, I'd be about 16% up

  • Banned


    That is my monthly from Jan to today so yes, for a quiet period you are doing decently.

  • That is reassuring! I have learnt quickly that I should not be buying and selling as much as I have been! The amount of commission is horrible, but CA has served me well so far.

  • @Squire1905 I'm going to have a look at a 'what if' scenario. I have 30 players in my portfolio. Am going to look at what would have happened if I'd have kept my first 30 buys. I imagine it will make for depressing reading compared to what I have now

  • @Moukoko I did something similar! I had Jack Wilshere at like 40p or something crazy and sold him! I think I have been too quick to sell when they turn red. The only player I havent done that with is NDombele, he was -12p at one stage but being a spurs fan I held convinced he is going to be a world beater. He is back to -2p and improving every day.

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