• 300,000 minutes in 5,4,3,2...

  • Ive been on since October 2018. Im a lot more addicted to this than i ever was with conventional sports betting however have very little interest in sports betting at all now and my experiences so far tell me this is a lot safer and more entertaining. With this you decide when you win and when the bets over(unless you hold beyond the 3 year mark)

  • September last year. If you click on peoples profiles you can see when they joined etc.. I'm not a stalker...honest...🤣

  • March this year. Probably joined at the wrong time as initially had high expectations that my early growth would continue,but a lot more knowledgeable on it now and know the stable growth is better

  • Been on since Feb this year and still learning! Similar to Carboney as in I love it and stopped me blowing money on stupid 1000/1 request a bets with Skybet 😂.

    Plan on keep topping up every month with any spare cash for a good few years.

  • Has anyone done three solid years yet and what's happened to their three year holds if so?

  • @Black-wolf I would say this is more addictive but just in the sense of how much time spent trawling the forum, checking the current market prices and research maybe that's why we don't have time for any other betting ha

  • @Leighton that was my logic for the thread in part, to see how many long term traders are still here

  • Since feb 2017.

  • Feb 16 for me. Still see a lot of old names in here but there are also several regular posters from the past that have disappeared, from the Forum at least.

    @Leighton In terms of 3 year holds, at an FI meet well over a year ago Adam Cole told us that almost no share is actually held for 3 years. He also stated that the few that had would be extended for a year. I don't recall any official news on this but I know FI are keen to have notifications in place for share expiry so I suspect they will delay any 'ending of shares' until they have this in place.

    Oh and I too intend to be sticking around for many years to come.

  • @Martino thanks. Great to hear from someone who has been on so long and plans to stick around.

  • Ive been here for 1 Year and 4 days

    I plan to remain on here for between 369 Days and 50 ish years

  • I only joined in Feb 2019, had a quick look around before dropping some real clangers with my 1st Buys before reading the forums and learning more about the index and clearing out and starting afresh. I now have 3k invested and up nearly £400. I know a lot of people have done much better but I went in for the long haul due to not having access to my phone during working hours, so I’m reasonably happy with my port. Going to drop another £400 this payday and debating on spreading or putting it all into one player. 🤔

  • I also joined in feb and didn't find the forum until later or understand FI so also like urself I sold all my port after the first bonus and reinvested and significantly increased my holding. When i got my second bonus I was adamant I was gonna put it in 1 player but couldn't so it so split between 3. Foden, Mbappe and Brewster. The more u learn the harder to choose I find.

  • @Kelly18
    july 18, I hope to stay forever

  • 1 year or 8 inches

  • Since Oct 2017

  • @DrDog 8 inches, that's a spit roast surely?

  • I'm a June bonus newb.
    I was prepared to sell up and leave after the bonus had been paid if I made a tidy profit, but I enjoy the platform and decided to stay and do a full season and see how it goes.

  • Started in February of this year. Joined at the same time as a few friends.

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