• Bought a load of higuain other day when he got Injured, initial reaction was he would miss the second leg but now news is that he will be back in time, at £1.50ish for one of Europe’s biggest teams front men is a steal surely? He bagged 35 last season in serie a why is he so cheap?!?

  • @lostinthedam He's the kind of player who's generally not great for PB as not involved enough - he can score two goals and still not get enough points to be the top scoring forwards. I'd agree he looks good at that price, not saying you made a bad buy - just explaining why his price is lower than one might expect.

  • Also has a spurs fan I expect him and hope he is out the champions league soon lol ...

  • Aha! I’m still positive that you will somehow scrape through!

    Unsure on whether higuain will make it to the WC as the manager favours others and even if he does surely Aguero would be first choice striker? Messi in wing or just behind

  • Higuain is a scoring machine however he doesn’t do much else (if diving, complaining and roughing opponents is not taken into consideration), he is not young, not moving and a bit part player for the NT, he is cheap for those reasons, great striker to have (how RM could do with him instead of Benzema!) but not very attractive on the index is my ten cents

  • I have a similar problem with Icardi..... He touches the ball three times in a game scores twice and unfortunately you don't win PB for that? The difference being Icardi perhaps looks like leaving Inter for Real Madrid one day which might boost up his stock value (as well as attract some MB) where if Higuain left Juve probably to go back home to someone like Boca or River that should have a negative effect on his value?

    Saving grace could be the WC and the fact that he should score 20 goals a season at Juve for at least another 2 years which means his price should be fairly stable during your hold? As you say at 1.51 he might offer better value then say Suarez, Costa or Cavani who all cost more but because he don't attract the media attention and because he's not the next best thing I doubt you'll see that much interest to increase his value unless he really does hit some unbelievable scoring form?

  • @dannypea Yep. And a similar issue with Lukaku.

    Honestly though, I think Higuain's a good hold at £1.51 so long as he stays at Juventus (though I don't own any myself). He always has the capacity to score a hat-trick, which most likely means 178 points (3 goals + GWG + win bonus) before any other contributions are brought into the mix. Just winning star player once on a treble PB day would mean a >10% ROI in one fell swoop.

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