Player Buzz Curse

  • Can anyone compete with this run of bad luck?

    Ive been on here a few months now & I own 200 shares in James Rodriquez.

    A couple of weeks ago he was sat on 236 PB points & Aaron Ramsey scores a hat-trick seconds before he was due to be substituted & pips him. Ok...... bad luck & move on.

    I own 400 shares in Bruno Fernandes (Sporting Lisbon). Last Thursday he attains a very respectable 240pts & outscores every other player by a lot........ all except one........ Manuel Fernandes who scores a whopping 351pts & costs me 18p a share = £72!!!
    Then on the very same night Timo Werner (own 200) misses out on top forward by 1pt.

    Then just to rub a bit more salt in the wound. Rodriguez is tonight playing against a 10 man Beskitas and sat on 81pts after 43mins, only to get a head injury & subbed. He'd have ran riot in that second half & I'm certain he's have been the star player tonight on the basis everything seems to go through him at Bayern!!

    I hope this CURSE is lifted soon!!! ☹☹☹

  • Tough luck there! Please tell me what players you have so I can ensure I won’t hold any to avoid cursing my portfolio ;)

  • Ha ha....... that's the thing. I only have those 3 players plus Salah eligible to win buzz at the minute ☹.

    The other 3 are all long term punts........ Lautaro Martinez, Cristian Pavon & the Iranian winger playing in the Dutch league (no idea how to spell his name).

    I'm a few quid up so far in terms of price rises........ but dividends are proving hard to come by!!

  • @NewUser100355 been a similar position on a few occasions mate. Had players come second 4 or 5 times but not always for big amounts. I was actually pleased when James Rodriguez got injured last night (sorry) because I have got Kingsley Coman and could also see James was running away with it.

    Coman was top on the buzz leader board with 10 minutes left and then they took him off 😭

    Ended up 4 points behind one of the Barca lads for top midfielder!!

  • @NewUser100355 Martinez is apparently going to Inter, they could sell Icardi and take a punt on him although that would be a very risky move as young and unproven in Europe and don’t see them taking such a big gamble especially after the barbosa/gabigol/more tattoos than goals experience they had
    Good players he is, monitoring the situation as could have a steep price rise for those patient enough to wait

  • I think this 'curse' proves you can't really rely on PB wins as it very much is 'luck' on the day with a slight bit of form thrown in... If anything I would have pumped in on Lewandowski yesterday, Bayern at home guaranteed goals, then Muller scores two of the most horrible (typical Muller) goals possible and he's the one with all the divi's so i'm glad I didn't.

    Tonight is actually anyones guess... I see a lot of Man Utd players rising up in value as people take punts on them to do well but I think Sevilla have a real chance of getting a result whilst remember Real Madrid are playing in La Liga and with them anything can happen? More than likely Ronaldo's night but then you can't write off those Brazilians at Shakhtar???

    As always... I'm staying away from big punts and will just have fingers crossed that one of the players in my portfolio might win me a few quid?

  • @Stevo said in Player Buzz Curse:

    @NewUser100355 James Rodriguez got injured last night

    Yep and after doing some digging this morning they reckon he is out for Saturdays game and possibly the weekend after that so in theory might not kick a ball again for up to 3 weeks!

  • @Josh my advice mate would be to keep. His value may decrease slightly but he is class and will be a star at the world cup again. He's only on loan at Bayern so bound to attract transfer interest again at some point.

    I had him at £1.10 at one point. Oh how I wish I'd kept him!

  • That is bad luck. I aim heavily in the media I'm gutted if I don't win that everyday. PB is so diluted these days, that on any given day an average player can have a good day and out perform the top players in regards to opta points.

  • Do you own Banega by any chance?
    He lost PB and Star player due to him being older than the other chap scoring 200 points today!

  • Ha ha......thankfully not. If I had then I think that might have been the final straw!!

  • Must be catching, I have a holding on Yannick Carrasco..... big transfer come the Summer, Arsenal rumours and ban.... China comes calling😂😂
    Still hopeful that 24 year old, goes for career rather than money and a Europe move comes about. But with the share price plummeting looming like the China deal done.
    Even worse, saw the news on the wires and have been overseas (returned tonight) and couldn’t trade out... now in for the long haul - maybe a PEA repeat..

  • I have banega I was fuming

  • I am delighted to announce the curse has been lifted........ courtesy of Bruno Fernandes with his second 200 plus buzz score in 2 weeks 😁

    Crying 😢😢 about my bad luck worked

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