• I am sure I am missing something obvious here but could someone help to understand this.

    This morning I have done some trades on my FI account. Before any transactions my all time profit was showing around +£19.00. I then sold a couple of players that were providing said profit in order to 'lock in' that profit. I then redistributed funds from those sales to other players, none of which have reduced in price. My all time profit is now showing at around +£2. I don't understand how this can be?

  • It’s your profit based on what players you have in your portfolio now.

    Bit misleading as I thought that when I first started.

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  • @NewUser326560 Your all time profit that displays is only from existing holds so any profits from players sold are no longer included in that figure.

  • Most of your £19 profit, minus commission and spread, has now moved into increasing the cost price of your portfolio. You sold your profitable players, your new players haven't had time to generate new profits.

  • Because your overall profit of £19 was from the players you sold. You haven't made any profit on the new players yet so the overall profit of your CURRENT portfolio has reduced. It's misleading if you think it reflects your overall profit from trades etc. because it doesn't show that. As a reverse example you can be £200 quid in the red on one player and sell him for that £200 loss and your overall profit/loss will then be £0. So the figure looks better, but actually you've just taken a big loss.

    In brief, ignore it. The important figure is total deposits compared to portfolio value after commission plus dividends. I keep a spreadsheet for accurate and useful stats.

  • Thanks all!

  • Set up a simple spreadsheet to track your own rough profit. I just do current port value + cash balance + withdrawals - total deposits.

    My port 'all time' % profit currently shows 15.99% but my calculations always show higher than that and currently work out at 26.72%.

    Obviously if i sold my port id devalue some of my holds just by listing due to having 900 shares or more etc. and 2% commission would be taken too. They wouldn't all market sell either.

    But it's good to have a rough idea of how you are doing month by month and you can't do that by just using their port stats.

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