• Likely to get game time this season. Price currently at 1.05 - how high will it go?

  • I'm really not sure, if United sign Maguire I see his game time being limited to the Europa League and cups, plus Lindelöf is only 71p and he will be United's first choice partner for Maguire, plus Lindelöf will probably be starting for Sweden at the Euro's next summer

  • @ChazFI123 Agree - seems overpriced - but youth players defy logic wondering how far market sentiment will take him.
    Couple more friendly appearances + when he plays in Europa will be go higher?

  • @Chap chances are he'll score the winner against AC Milan and his price will rocket, but I think there's quite a big chance all these over priced youth players won't play in the first 3/4 games of the season and people will get impatient and offload them rather quickly. The one upside of United having Europa League football is that it will give players more chance to get minutes so wouldn't surprise if a couple of the younger players prices have a steady rise over the season

  • Wouldn't surprise me if the Maguire saga drags on till near the end of the window so Tuanzbe gets game time. OGS has said he has a future at the club whether he starts or not we will see but as he is England he is a good price and potential to rocket if he bangs in a goal as someone mentioned

  • He is under priced given he's a young English centre back at Manchester United whom the current manager had called the future of the club.

    Your also talking about a centre back whom likes to play out from the back and has an extremely high passing accuracy so may prove PB worthy in the future. It's only a question of when to buy not 'should' you buy.

    He may not start the season but if he doesn't how far do you think the price will drop back? It's not going to plummet is it?

    Now if he does start the season and does impress there's is every indicator that he will rocket given his age, nationality and club.

  • Any one know why the sudden spurt today?

  • @Chap seems like most youngersquad players are getting a boost so I guess people are thinking he’ll get some game time the Europa and league cup?

  • @Chap also a few places are suggesting he could start at right back if AWB is out

  • As a Villa fan whom watched him last season this guy will be a real fan favourite if he gets into the XI. He always looks so calm and reassured on the ball and passing looks effortless.

    Not so sure however RB would suit him/ see his best.

  • Could he be a late contender for the England squad in the Euro's next year?
    if he gets a few 1st team games under his belt it wouldn't be beyond possibility that he gets called up.
    After seeing him last season for Villa and during the week for Man United he looks like a defender who oozes class on the ball and is likely to chip in with goals from set pieces etc.

    The only issue is waiting for the opportunity to arise as he is currently 3rd choice behind Lindelof.
    however, from what i have seen of him so far i cant see any young English players ahead of him in terms of up and coming quality in a central defensive position.

    When he does get a run a of games together he could potentially rise to close £2 based on McGuire's current price


  • @Advinculas-Index think a fair few Liverpool fans would make the case for Gomez being ahead of him both in development and England chances. The thing that would worry me about investing in Tuanzebe is they’ve just given Lindelof a double your money 5 year deal, if they thought Tuanzebe was that close I’m not sure they’d have done that so soon. Although I do agree in that he can be a very classy defender, but he will more than likely only get the chance to play against farmers this season

  • @ChazFI123

    Probably - but im basing my comments purely on what i saw on the pitch the other night and his performances last season.

    Gomez was 50p dearer than Tuanzebe not long ago at £1.70 and you also have the Man United Factor to consider. Added to that Man United will be playing Thursday/Sunday for most of the season and the Thursday games will start gathering more interest especially when they begin the knockout stages
    Once Gomez starts playing again his price will start to rise again and this will potentially drag Tuanzebes up with it.

    You also have the upsides to factor for Tuanzebe.
    His first League start
    His first Goal (as i say i think he will score a few from set pieces)
    Longer Term - His call up to the England squad (either in the next 8 months or prior to the 2022 World (either way, i can see it not happening)

    I think at the moment £1.19 is relatively cheap when you factor in the above and you look at the prices of countless other young players who have mainly been warming the bench both at Man united and a host of other clubs.

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