Angus Gunn & the rise of GKs

  • Angus Gunn - £0.32 - 23 years old.
    With the recent rise of keepers, Gunn is looking a decent price. He's now nailed on as Southampton's number 1, if they have a good season then I'd expect him to see a significant rise. Other mid-table GKs are £0.35p+ despite not having the young & English factor.

    Pickford looked very ropey for Everton last season and Butland is playing in the championship, there is a good chance Gunn will get a call up for the Euros and I don't think it will be that long until he's first choice.

    What are peoples thoughts?

  • The rise in goalkeepers is mainly based on the chance of FI announcing the addition of a separate goalkeeper PB category in their upcoming announcement - this happens in the build up to every special announcement and they will all get dumped when there are no changes for goalkeepers.

    Some may also be buying to flip for IPDs once the season starts - they are all close to peak price already so the recent growth is by no means going to continue.

  • @Chris-J - totally understand the reason for the rise. It's all relative though, top keepers are around the £1 mark, they certainly aren't all going to be 'dumped'.

    I think there are a few reasons why Gunn seems a decent price, partly because McCarthy started the majority of games last season and Gunn hasn't played first team football before that so there isn't much data available. Interested to hear people's thoughts on him and how he might progress, from what i've seen he looked class, but there must be some Saints fans on here.

  • @scfc I am a big fan of keepers on FI but I feel people in the wrong places and I can't understand how. At present keepers will only really make money off IPD clean sheets. Angus Gunn got 3 clean sheets in 12 games. That is a 25% clean sheet ratio. Walter Benitez got 16 clean sheets in 35 games which is a 45% ratio and is 42p. Yesterday I mentioned Gulacsi at 36p. These seem infinitely better choices than prem keepers at clubs that concede plenty of goals.

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  • @NewUser731 Yep, Benitez seems like a good option, he's also 30% more expensive than Gunn. You're obviously right about IPD's being the way of making money, but you do have to consider the irrationalities of the rest of the market when thinking about GKs as well. Young and English will always play a part, guess he just needs to have a solid season at Southampton because we can only really go off those 12 games currently. Still, Patricio and Schmeichel both have lower clean sheet % and are more expensive and much older.

  • I'm a saints fan, though I'm not sure if my views are consistent with other saints fans on this! Personally I prefer McCarthy who got our player of the season the season before the one just finished. Very consistent and whilst not perfect is a good keeper. Gunn I think is relying a little bit on the fact that there is an assumption he will improve and from a cultivated image of hot young keeper that stemmed from when he was at man City. Yet I don't think his actual performances have fully justified that. Sometimes his basic technique has let him down and there haven't been too many point saving saves. If you removed the image of a hot young keeper and simply assessed his performances, I think most people would think he is a good young keeper, but not a keeper that deserves quite the hype he receives. That said, I recognise that he is very young in keeper terms and only half a season behind him and he could rapidly improve!

  • @Artful-Dodger Interesting to hear, thanks. The other saints fans i've heard from seem to be amongst those hyping him up. I know there was a lot of excitement before he even played his first game, the £13.5m price tag helped with that. Like you say, he's only had half a season, will be interesting to see how he does for the full season coming, he has a similar build to de Gea who certainly took a bit of time to settle in as a young keeper.

    I've bit the bullet and bought 1,000 shares, hopefully I got in early on the future England no. 1.

  • @scfc I agree other saints fans are hyping him. I know my opinion is not representative and let's be honest, probably wrong ;) I'm a former keeper so it's the only position I know a little bit more about, but probably still not enough to have an informed opinion. But I reckon that de Gea build (and overall look with the beard) is helping him gain trust from fans who look at him with more confidence cos he reminds them of de gea. Fake it till you make it! But if he was the exact same keeper with same level skills,build, age, experience etc but say was west African (traditionally looked down on as keepers) he wouldn't have as many admirers. But I truly hope he kicks on! But I wouldn't be surprised mid season that McCarthy is brought back in to steady the ship. I hold neither player for what it's worth :)

  • Stuart Pearce massively sings his praises and thinks he's nailed on to be England's future no. 1. Not sure whether he'll be proven right or not but it seems many in the game think similar and sometimes expectation is better than talent for making money here. I purchased a few at 18p and I still think he's a decent hold.

  • Hmm not sure if Stuart Pearce is the best example there! Is he in any position to talk about keepers? But I totally agree that expectation is better than talent for making money on here!

  • @Artful-Dodger he was talking about him on Talksport before he displaced McCarthy. I assumed he was either a kid when Pearce was at Man City or he was around when Pearce had the under 21s. I should have checked really but it's late so I just went with it. If he hasn't worked with him, then I concede my point may come across as random! Just trying to think who Alan Brazil was bigging up last week and I'll start a new thread,

  • @Artful-Dodger just checked, does not appear as though they have worked together! Gunn was in the under 17s when Pearce was in charge of the under 21s so there could be a tedious link somewhere or it could be I have just shared a random fact!

  • I am sadly afflicted with the curse of 40 years a Saints Fan. I would choose Gun as our number one. I like the way he commands his box and he is a good shot stopper. By the way the Saints squad looks good plus we now have a decent manger. No relegation fodder this season.

  • @LittleFish I’m a fan of Hasenhuttl, I reckon he will get saints playing some good stuff, which will see a few players rising.

  • @Mintyfresh There have been a few positive comments coming out of the England youth set up over the past couple of years so I imagine Pearce just picked up on this.

  • Well this is pretty impressive...


  • Walter Benitez has been mentioned and he's the one for me. Nice has such a good clean sheet record last season and Benitez is still young so could move to a bigger club if he has another impressive season.

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