Hirving Lozano

  • I continue to hold this lad, but assuming he doesn’t get a move this summer what’s people’s views on holding for another year??

  • I held for ages and finally bit the bullet. Expected s big move this Summer, but it hasn't happened.
    Is he fit now? Bad injury toward the end of the season.
    I'll be buying back in if he's recovered.

  • I’ve held for a while hoping for the move to a PB league like plenty of others. Think I’ll stick with him to be honest he’s gonna move on at some stage and has said as much I believe. There was talk of a move to Napoli earlier this year but who knows, love to see him in the Prem and he’s got a bit of fire about him. A hold for me.

  • Still holding too, was convinced he was gonna move this summer but all gone quiet. January maybe?

  • seen reports saying napoli will be after him if pepe opts for arsenal,

  • Been holding since the end of the season, expecting a move like everyone else was. I don't think the bad injury at the end of the season did him any favours, and he missed the Gold Cup with Mexico too. He's bound to get a move soon, as he's way too good to stay in that league.

  • @Dronny-Gaz deffo fit mate he played in the ecl qualifier against basel in midweek ..2nd leg coming up this week

  • Rumours building that Napoli are going to come in with an offer now they haven't got Pepe or James

  • https://sports.yahoo.com/report-mexico-lozano-napoli-56-134003703.html

    Great scoring record and I thought he'd end up at United. Will do a good job wherever he goes.

  • I’ve held all summer and was certain he would get the big move he deserves. Hoping it comes through!

  • Chucky has started well!

  • What does this do for Insigne? Bought into him a few days ago and getting worried for his position!
    A lot of games to play but want any of my holds to be playing regularly

  • Great start, hopefully will be starting after international break

  • He should be a massive hit with Napoli.Closest challengers to juve and champions league draw looks good.Watch out Liverpool.

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