PB/MB big hitters

  • Who are your top picks for MB/PB this season?

    Obviously with the transfer spec its been mainly players with transfer rumours winning the media divs but who will dominate when the season starts.

    Will it be neymar and pogba dominating the media buzz or will there be a new star taking over. Mbappe maybe?

    Also who will dominate the PB when the season starts.

    What are your thoughts on this.

  • Might as well just translate this whole post into "Who should I buy for the start of the season"

  • @Andy isnt that the whole point in creating forums to get advice on who to buy?

  • Defenders

    Kolarov, Ramos, Marquinhos, Tah, Akanji.

    Out of these Kolarov looks the best value. If you look at his yearly graph his price will more than likely double in price when the season gets up and running. He’s either going to be staying at Roma or going to Milan or Juventus which are all positive outcomes. If he stays at Roma he will be on all their set pieces which will guarantee big spikes in his prices.

  • @TRADER101 I can't see Pogba staying out of the news for long. There will be fallouts and speculation this season for sure. First sign of trouble and he'll dominate MB again. If things don't go well by Jan, Ole will be under a lot of pressure.

    For me, Man Utd have at least one more big signing this summer. Likely an attacking player who will cost a lot (Fernandes/Dybala etc) so they will likely be in the media throughout the season.

    Brewster and Greenwood are both on course for breakthrough seasons. My moneys on Brewster (literally).

    As for PB, you can't go wrong with the GOAT (Messi that is not CHO) or Neymar. Hazard could make a few headlines and some nice PB IF he hits the ground running in Madrid. Luis Alberto is one of my favourite PB holds (yes this is a pump, but do your research and you'll see why). Fabian Ruiz also.

    Other PB stars depend on the announcement.

  • @Metropolis when is the announcement? Ive been waiting for it. Some good reasons for your picks i will be sure to look at a few of them.

  • Banned

    @TRADER101 i think they said 30th which is tuesday but dont quote me on that =D

  • Tuesday 7pm. 30 minute market suspension.

  • @TRADER101 I personally feel Messi is the best one to get but he is pricey. Ronaldo is also a great guaranteed PB guy and £2 cheaper than Messi! If your looking for cheaper holds I’d say Ramos is the best value one (I do own). Ever Banega of Seville is cheap and good for PB, but he’s had transfer speculation to a non PB league. If he stays get on him ASAP his price will likely double (I don’t own but I will purchase if he stays at Seville)
    Some Juve players will be good with Sarri. Bonucci is cheap defender could be worth getting on with Sarri, and maybe Pjanic as Sarri namechecked him as his new Jorginho (I don’t own either)

    Hope any of this helps

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