Learner help

  • Right, so I’ve been playing a few months and I’m establishing some patterns. I’m on Cutrone at the minute and got in at £1. As this Wolves move gets closer ordinarily I’d be cashing in, however, for a first team striker in the prem he’d be priced low. I look at Brewster and Greenwood who are a year or 2 younger with worst prospects this season. And Jota increasing all the time and wonder where, in this particular players circumstance I should sell, or if this is a brilliant long term hold I got in early on

  • If he goes straight into the wolves team and hits the ground running u seem to have got in early enough to stay in profit even if he doesn’t start but depends weather u bought for long term gain or short term profit still struggling a little myself to decide who to keep and who to sell. I’m new to this so I suppose learning when to hold or sell is something u learn with time I got bored of goretzka and sold half my shares and since then he’s gone up in value so in theory should have kept until the season kicks of at least good luck with whatever you decide to do

  • @Bradley117 Firstly comparing to Brewster and Greenwood is not a fair comparison - they are English and at the two biggest media clubs in the premier league which both add a significant premium.
    Jota is a fairer comparison price wise. He will need to break into the Wolves team and be scoring to continue to rise so it's pretty much make a call on that - if you're not sure maybe sell half towards the start of the season and keep half in case he continues to rise?

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