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  • So, I'm looking to invest in one more player before the new season starts . I've got about £400 to spend and have narrowed it down to the following players who I feel may offer value outside the more popular picks. Any advice would be welcome:

    Coutinho £1.99
    Ronaldo £2.90
    Mane £2.46
    Heung-Min £1.56
    Moura £1.24
    Vardy £0.65
    Albrighton £0.24
    Rodriguez £1.73


  • I hold 6 of these. So if i were you I would definitely steer clear of Vardy and albrighton...... fill your boots on the rest 👍

  • Son or Coutinho for me. I hold Son and his scores are to be admired, think he will have another strong season. Coutinho is waiting for a rise, but all depends if he moves. If he does, can easily him being +£3 if he finds his form

  • Thanks.
    I am leaning towards Mane but must admit some of the Leicester players look appealing, especially if they do as well as they are tipped to.

  • Son for me. Still think he’s incredibly underpriced and has become really important to a very good Spurs side.

  • @Hazza94
    Thanks. As a Spurs fan, I do agree. Given he is suspended for the first 3 PL games, I wonder if traders are looking elsewhere currently. That said, he has gone up 8p in the last week so clearly others think he is still underpriced.

  • I think Ronaldo is a great hold for this season for PB and MB and should keep a decent value towards the season end with the Euros.

    I expect him to be the top divs earner overall, if not, closely behind Pogba and Messi.

  • @DW
    Thanks. Is it just his age that has put traders off backing him? £2.90 seems very cheap for someone near the top of the PM/MB tables.

  • @Vaughany i think there have been two factors which reflect the low price compared to other players that return both MB and PB;

    • The rape charges - now confirmed as dropped.
    • Age.

    I think on his age people really are split, I personally think he will be playing at the highest level for the next 3 to 4 years so from my perspective 2.90 is a great price.

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