The big Bale price prediction

  • Bale’s one of the craziest holds I’ve ever had and honestly I’ve no idea what’s going to happen next, so I would like to know everyone’s thoughts on his price if he moves

    Here’s mine;

    Madrid - £2.70
    China - £1.00
    Inter - £2.20
    UTD - £3.50+

  • Madrid £2
    Utd £5
    Spurs £4.50
    PSG £2
    Bayern £1.50

  • Madrid £2.47
    Man utd. £4.46
    Bayern. £2.66
    China. £1.20
    Cardiff. £0.77

  • I’ve got major bale FI FOMO - want to get involved but too scared what he decides next! 🤣

    Madrid - 2.30
    Prem league 4.00+ depending which team
    Any other league that isn’t China - 2.60

  • @HPcoys I agree with this. Though Madrid might be a little higher if he can stay in the news I.e. zz picks more fights with him. I think his price will jump another 20+30p once the Chinese transfer window closes on Wednesday and removes any last cautious fans

  • This is why I’m beginning to love FI. Lots of people after quick short term profits, lots of different predictions of prices on bale. Some big winners some losers whilst people like me sit back and take the easy money :)

  • Anyone thinking they’ve done well on today’s Bale rise on FI have made a mistake. You would have got odds of 2/1 at a bookies for the prediction on Bale not going to China. This is an instance where you’ve actually been majorly short changed.

  • @TeamGB Yes I have to agree with you. The people here who like the riskier bets on FI actually get better odds at the bookies.

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    @TeamGB Yes and no.
    Better odds at a bookies but lots play here instead of bookies as the bet is never dead. And it is a long term game.
    So in this one trade you are correct, but this will be 1 in lots (if not hundreds) of identical type of bets and longterm the bookies will win out.

  • Yes guys I just mean for this trade. I’m massively pro FI and don’t bet elsewhere anymore. I’m making a good profit at the moment like most seem to be on here and like the fact when there are some minor downturns it’s only a few % off the value of the portfolio at max compared as you say to losing the total bet elsewhere.

  • @TeamGB
    I bought in on the news when I first read it. How have I been short changed, what a rubbish comment

  • Anyway
    Madrid £2.20
    PSG £3.20
    Bayern £2.90

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    @Mr-Random-number said in The big Bale price prediction:

    @TeamGB Yes I have to agree with you. The people here who like the riskier bets on FI actually get better odds at the bookies.

    Ok well lets forget for a minute that people like me who bought at £2 or less when he crashed didn't see it as risk for Inter Milan/not moving reasons, here are some figures for you...

    Assume for sake of ease, the Bale bet is replicated 10 times with a base bet of £100.

    At the bookies, 10 x £100 = £1000 outlay.
    The Bale bet won at 2/1 returns £200. The other 9 lost. Total loss = £800.

    At FI, 10 x £100 = £1000 outlay.
    The Bale bet won and returns 20% profit = £120 back.
    The other 9 lost and dropped 50% from buying at £2 dropped to £1 = £50 loss per bet.
    It looks like this...
    So you can see, losses are way smaller at FI than the bookies.

    Now, in the 9 bets at the bookies, the bets are dead and you lost your money.

    At FI, come Christmas, you can look to trade out. And it will again look completely different, with the chances some will go back up for 20% profit, some will go way past 20%, you add in dividends and will quite easily get yourself into profit on those 10 trades.

  • Post China window £2.90 (still at Madrid)
    United £6 (basically takes Pogba crown whether he’s there or not)
    Other prem £4.80
    Other PB £3.80
    Madrid £3

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