• Seen as it’s the trend for some ppl to dump stock when a player get injured, it got me thing picking up injered players for a low price.

    I’m guessing I’m not the only one to think this way of picking up players on the cheep, so I’m looking for a site that lists teams injury’s. There are a couple that just do Premier league and found just one that covers other leagues (sportsgambler) but don’t know how often it updated.

    Is there other places to get this info?

  • I just use the index. The market will always react quicker than I can unless I check the news every 5 minutes. People will IS if there’s an injury so just watch for a player plummeting and buy when everyone else is selling.

    Tricky bit is timing when they have bottomed out, and having the patience to hold whilst they’re out.

  • Marco Asensio is a good example of that..I just keep an eye on the index .. it seems to react quickest.. he has an acl injury atm..out for 9 months I think so yes I've bought in and will await his return.

  • Banned

    Yeah I do same, when I have cash to trade. Biggest decrease button is my best friend when I want to buy, see who drops massively, google/check here to see why, then decide on the buy.
    I have Neymar/Bale/Kane through doing that, 2 who are so expensive I never would have bought in at full price. Got decent profit on all 3 now.

  • Do check the biggest drop in prices, but want to keep tack of ppl that already injered and keep an eye on when they will be returning

  • In the case of Ascensio I’m skeptical, obviously very high profile but ACLs are one of those injury’s that when the player returns they’re often not the same.

    At Real great players at 100% get panned by the crowd and media, boy doesn’t stand a prayer

  • @Bradley117 yep agreed I IS’ed all mine straight away the night he got injured fortunately I was watching so I got out right at the top of his price and made a nice profit despite having to IS

  • @Bradley117 I'm basing it purely on returning to the squad ..his price should increase then's not necessarily what he does when he comes back as I'll be honest I'll probably be out by then..

  • @Bradley117 if Asensio doesn't get back into the Real team the prem clubs will all be lining up to give him a second chance. Or at least the media will link them to him!

  • I see the logic, I just think it’s a risky business playing with injuries. Some recover quickly, some retire well before their time should be over and every so often you’ll buy in to one that doesn’t return

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