Samuel Shashoua

  • Anyone have any idea on this lads development? Is he going to be loaned out this season? Will he get a few games at Spurs this season?
    Seen him play in the UEFA Youth League and was always the exciting winger and was always the stand out performer. I've dropped money on him over the months and he's now a substantial hold in my portfolio reaping a decent amount of profit. Got faith in this lad having a good career but really needs to kick on in the next couple of seasons hopefully with a loan to the Championship. Any thoughts?

  • I’m also a holder and won’t be selling up anytime soon. He had a decent season at a lower league team in Spain, Baleares last season and apparently from everything I’ve seen on Twitter, they rated him highly and were sad to see him go. Also from research from trawling through Twitter, he would prefer to stay in England this season either at Spurs or another team that will take him. It’s still undecided though as far as I can see. We will surely find out though by the transfer deadline of 8 August what’ll be happening. So not too much longer now. I’m hoping he does stay in England as he’ll be closer on people’s radars.

  • @TeamGB I think he will stay in the UK now. As he shown himself in a foreign league and will want to settle nearer to his parent club at least.

  • Here's hoping a Championship club come in for him and he starts doing the business.

  • Breaking News...permanent move to a second tier Spanish side. Not the move I was hoping for

  • @NewUser67492 It’s progression and the things being said about him seem to be very positive. I think he’s a year hold. If he moves up another league then it could be La Liga or Premier League in a year which means capital appreciation could be considerable come next summer.

  • @TeamGB
    I like your optimism...I really worry about the fact he's 20 years old and has just got a permanent switch to a second tier Spanish side. If he doesn't rip it up next year he's going to vanish into obscurity. Was really hoping he would get a move to a Championship side.

  • I really don’t think he’s ever going to be prem quality. Think his brother Armando is probably going to be closer than Sam

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