Leroy sane

  • Looks like Bayern Munich are getting increasingly confident about being able to sign Leroy Sane, what do people think that’d do for his price? Cause he’d get more game time and probably get increased goals/assists, but it seems like players that leave the PL/play outside of it are instantly far lower in price

  • I think he would have an initial drop off but he's one who could benefit from the new PB matrix on Tuesday.

  • I think he’d rise-he doesn’t get enough game time at city to win Pb and he never wins Mb-at Bayern he’d play every game and wouldn’t only be Bayern’s best forward for Pb but potentially the best Pb striker in the bundesliga- I can’t see any reason he’d drop price.

  • I sold off my Comans in anticipation yesterday, albeit reluctantly as i think he is a class act and will be looking to get back on if his price drops as a result of this

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