Fixture research = reward (potentially!)

  • Ok so I woke up at 5am and can't get back to sleep so I've decided to do some research into the first couple of weeks of the new season seeing where to invest my Summer Media Madness dividends (worth 4.5% of my initial investment so a very healthy return 😜).

    I am looking to maximise on IPDs plus MB and PB divs and I've found a nice potential earner...

    The first day of PB games on Friday 9th August features the season opener between Liverpool v Norwich and also the Ligue 1 clash between Monaco and Lyon. This will be a double matchday and, as a red, my portfolio is already heavily biased towards Liverpool players (VVD, TAA, Salah, Ox, Wilson, Hoever, Duncan πŸ˜€). So I'm looking good for some sort of PB/MB returns on that day, barring a disaster for us!

    However, it is Lyon I am more interested in ...

    Not only do Lyon play on Friday 9th but they are also at home the following Friday 16th against Angers!
    Barcelona were also due to play on the 16th in the La Liga opener against Athletic Bilbao but there has been a rescheduling to the following day now due to Spanish Football Federation intervention (see this text

    So, Lyon play in a single matchday on 9th August and a single matchday on 16th August - if you are a dividend chaser like myself, this information gives you a massive edge!

    Ive already got 50 futures in Aouar and I'll likely be topping up, to capitalise on IPD capability.
    Or, depending on Tuesday's announcement, I'll invest in a second Lyon player (I've got my eye on a couple).

    Just thought I'd share this info, being the kind and generous soul that I am and not looking to profit from it in any way πŸ‘€πŸ˜† (at least I'm honest!)

  • @ScouseSte To add to that Lyon's third game is on Wednesday 28th August when there are just 2 other games being played.
    They typically play a lot of Friday night games if last season is anything to go by so they're one of my favourite teams to seek out PB players in - I own Denayer, Mendes and Depay and will probably add more.

  • @janner73

    Cool, I never looked that far πŸ‘πŸ». Another double matchday thenπŸ’°πŸ’°

  • Sounds like everyone should get in early and get their own slice of Depay.

  • @ScouseSte Yep no idea why but 3 of the French games have been moved to Wed 28th from the previous weekend - at least that's what Flashscores is showing.

    One thing to be aware of with the Spanish games is La Liga are going to court and a decision is due on 7th Aug as to whether they can play on Fridays/Mondays or not. From what I know they've currently refused to change them and the re-scheduled dates are back-up dates should they lose that decision.

  • @janner73

    Even if the decision is reversed, it will still be a double matchday πŸ‘πŸ». Yes Barcelona will be favourites to clean up PB divs but Bilbao might give them a game at their yard πŸ’ͺ🏻

  • @ScouseSte Absolutely. Lyon home to Angers that game which is definitely favourable for them.

  • Denayer worth a pile on

  • PSG have 3 double matchdays in August. Looking tasty for Mbappe.

    11th Aug - home to Nimes (6 games that day)
    18th Aug - away to Rennes (10 games that day)
    25th Aug - home to Toulouse (9 games that day)

  • @Westy said in Fixture research = reward (potentially!):

    Denayer worth a pile on

    After all this solid info, it seemed silly to wait 😊


  • @Jumbosausage said in Fixture research = reward (potentially!):

    PSG have 3 double matchdays in August. Looking tasty for Mbappe.

    11th Aug - home to Nimes (6 games that day)
    18th Aug - away to Rennes (10 games that day)
    25th Aug - home to Toulouse (9 games that day)

    Bear in mind Serie A fixtures aren't out yet - but still, yes I agree πŸ’ͺ🏻

  • @Jumbosausage Serie A fixtures are released tonight so the 25th Aug will probably go up to a treble matchday.

  • @ScouseSte you've pumped, I followed suit, cheers for the tip

  • @ScouseSte I had him last season as a cheap pb punt, he got 1 win I think but had a decent season. Hes only 24, one more good season then I bet Prem will come for him as hes a homegrown? City academy?. Netherlands Euro20. Mendy has left Lyon who took some PB. I think he will be a key man. I do hold 400.

  • The fixture analysis section on indexgain is excellent if IPD's are your thing.

  • Already own depay with pb in mind and can't go far w omg with dembele...considering he is being linked to man utd and won mb yesterday too. Got to be worth some ipd as well

  • @Westy I had my eye on him last season mysekf mate so this seemed the ideal time to get on Denayer...only 59p!? I was surprised, pleasantly. Cheers for the reminder πŸ‘πŸ»

  • @Jumbosausage said in Fixture research = reward (potentially!):

    The fixture analysis section on indexgain is excellent if IPD's are your thing.

    This probably will seem MENTAL but I like to do my own research - it feels more rewarding when it actually comes off.

    I'm going to sound like Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist here but "I recall the time in October 2018, researching games that may benefit from the newly implemented in-play dividends (which was call G&A, goals and assists, back then). I stumbled across a young whipper-snapper named Luka, who'd bagged a couple of goals recently for Eintracht Frankfurt. They were one of the teams playing on the very first night these new dividends were available.
    Luka scored FIVE GOALS that night and the rest is history."

    Yes, a lot of luck was involved that night as a lot of people bought into Haller and missed the initial meteoric rise of Jovic but anyway. The point is, I like to do my own research. I could have just left it at that without the lengthy anecdote but I've been awake since 5am and I don't know right from wrong anymore πŸ˜­πŸ˜…

  • @ScouseSte Looking forward to your next story/tip Red πŸ˜‚. Lyon is definitely worth me looking into!

  • @Jumbosausage on the basic fixture search (the free one) it shows the champs league qualifier rounds as a pb game- im pretty sure they dont count or do they? its got 3 champs lg and 2 europa's listed

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