Pre-season portfolio clean out - what are your thoughts on these players?

  • I'm doing a bit of housekeeping and making some space in my portfolio for reinvestment in fresh faces for the new season (particularly with tomorrow's announcement in mind).

    The following players are lower-priced ones I've earmarked for clearout - basically they've either been quite stagnant, they didn't get great PB scores last year, or I have a feeling they won't go up in value too much this year. However, some I am quite unfamiliar with as I don't follow their teams much, so if anybody thinks I'm making a big mistake dumping any of them please tell me, with reasoning. I don't really want to miss out on a potential big cap app profit later in the year, but again I'm trying to avoid 'dead' money. Some will give me decent profit, but I'm happy to keep holding if you think value will go up more.

    Anastasios Donis (bought 22p, currently 33p)
    Andrea Favilli (bought 34p, currently 34p)
    Ante Rebic (bought 62p, currently 82p)
    Lucas Vazquez (bought 33p, currently 49p)
    Ludovic Blas (bought 22p, now 42p)
    Timothy Tillman (bought 39p, currently 35p)
    Toni Lato (bought 31p, currently 34p)
    Valery Fernandez (bought 33p, currently 39p)
    Viktor Kovalenko (bought 23p, now 24p)

    Thanks in advance!

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