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  • Re: What happens when a player is dropped from the 'squad'.

    So just to check, the players that are relegated are those that are ranked 199 and 200, or those at the bottom of the list? For instance I currently have Mahrez as I can see a boost coming, but he is bottom due to his recent fall, but he wouldn't get relegated would he?

  • It's the lowest priced futures that don't have a padlock on them. At time of writing that is Dembele and Schweinsteiger. Wood is safe because he's been promoted for less than 8 weeks

  • @NewUser78784 thanks for your help, That clears up what the padlocks mean too!

  • Every Friday morning at 9am the bottom 2 names drop from the 1st Team to be replaced by the top 2 names from the Squad List one at 13:00 and one at 13:15pm.

    Once promoted a Squad footballer is safe from relegation for 6 weeks – a Padlock will be visible on the player profile for the duration of their safety from relegation.

    When a footballer is relegated to the Squad, all futures associated with that name will be removed from Portfolio.

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