Christian Eriksen

  • Thoughts on Eriksen? Looks to be fairly good value but not sure what happens to his price if spurs get dumped out of CL.

    Still got the WC I guess and potential transfer in summer, heard rumours of La Liga.

  • I bought him at £2.08 got a MB & PB wins he’s now at £2-42 me and other members have debated playmakers in La Liga and I think it’s fair to say there values around £2-50 so in theory if the Great Dane had a great World Cup he would shoot up and bare in mind when he got hat trick against Ireland he got media buzz and shot up 17p briefly but if he went to Barca whilst transfer was going through he’s ceiling point in my view would be £5 on the hype but then would drop back to £2-50ish giving a few people a PC type kicking we already have a bench mark with PC so I’d imagine same sanario would like to hear others views if they have same analysis has this? But for now seems always over £2 and can expect £1 in divs over 2 years he passes shoots scores and gets assists and does set plays and dead balls so always scores well for performance buzz and I’ve never known him be injured I hold over 100

  • I put him in the De Bruyne category (who i've just sold after 3 months because he bores me) as a pricey playmaker who doesn't get enough goals or PB points and attracts no MB points due to him being a model professional. So whilst you may spend 2.43 on him you shouldn't really lose anything at all but you'll only be relying on the short/mid term growth opportunities (which I had with KDB) of a maximum 50p per future or so.... Which is certainly worth it.... But i need 'FIRE BUZZ DRAMA' in my life...

    The positives though he's world class, he's Denmark's best player and a good WC could see him grow in value a little quicker and maybe even get a move to a big club (awaiting your nibble chicken ;-). In fact the more I write the more I want him... The buying strategy though would have to be hold for 6 months knowing his PB & MB is minimal but his growth in value should at least be positive within that time?

  • @dannypea

    I think with C.E. and KDB the trick is being patient and understanding it’s likely in 3 years they won’t be worth any less but you earn out the PB and odd MB. Has for a bigger club... I’m praying that we get the CL or FA Cup to give Whitehall it back!! Poor Harry Kane! We’re not a big or small club we’re unique in being a Spursy club! If we won the champions league I’m not sure if we could cope success to us is 1980s FA Cup nostalgia in all fairness I’ll qoute blancflower “The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It is nothing of the kind. The game is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish, about going out and beating them lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom."

    But Id prefer the champions league!!!!

  • @Chicken-Badge

    I listened to TalkSport earlier (cheap plug) where the debate was about preferring watching a Mourinho team winning trophies (the way he does) or Liverpool playing attacking entertaining football and not winning anything..... I tend to look back to when my team won trophies and I think... I really don't care how they did it... Portsmouth won the FA Cup in an awful final, do they care? Wigan v Man City at Wembley weren't much better? I'm sure they are not bothered? Maybe Danny Blanchflower didn't care about winning but i bet Bill Nick bleddy did! For all these 'recent' years Spurs have been great they've still won nothing and that needs to change for the good of Spurs and the good of football. We don't all have to play the Guardiola way but we all have to experience winning something at least once in our lives because its a ruddy good feeling when we do!!!!

  • @dannypea

    Blancflower was in double team so he said that but they was great team also. I would be happy with a PL & CL before Levy’s cash out has per usual... Alan Suger does my head in on Twitter bloody expert and critic yet he’s the one that sold to Levy! He thinks he’s a fan.. business is bussiness and football is football and if it’s your passion it’s a toy that should be your love in life... but yes we need to win if I could buy ENIC out I would do and make sure it happens but I can’t sadly not enough in my petty cash lol 😂

  • @Chicken-Badge
    Hahahaha maybe try and get rid of a few of your futures to release some equity and buy back what should be yours??? Dembele & Eriksson perhaps ;-)

  • LOL


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