Dividends help in simple terms please!!

  • Right a bit of clarification please.
    I've chosen my players who I'm keeping for The season. But do I get game dividends on them.

    I.e I hold Ronaldo will i only receive match dividends if he's top player in a game in that league??
    Also Media dividends

    PB is that old talk for lPD' S. The 30 days a few extra pennies is that so you get a little more back on a player you hold and sell (flip) for a month.

    Cheers in Advance I've confused myself

  • PB= winner of performance buzz points on a match day against all other players in the top 5 lgs that are playing that day, per position. This is available thorugout your hold as long as you hold them til midnight on the days they win PB.

    IPD for the first 30 days you get dividends for goals and assists (separate to PB).

    MB= for aslong as you hold they win MB if top on points that day.

  • @Westy perfect thanks 👍, worried I'd have to sell and re-buy for match dividends.

    And my holds would only get Media dividends and growth monies.

  • @Doug-s

    For expensive holds it is not worth recycling them due to the commission.

    But for cheap strikers some punters do recycle them for the ipds... different horses for courses.

    IPDs I think are still yet to be fully confirmed as staying- possibly mentioned in the announcement tomorrow. They were really popular and added value to the old strikers that dont really win PB. e.g. Vardy.

    But PB and MB players are worth higher prices due to their more likely chance of repeated dividends winnings, that over a season can hit 10%+ return just on dividends. Just see IPDs as a welcome bonus to the first 30 days of holding these players.

    My port is mainly PB, MB players, but i do keep a pot on a IPD striker for 30 days at a time for fun!

    As the season starts and purchases come in range of maximum games in a 30day hold period you will see some players rise in price as IPD punters buy in... you will also see regular big drops and subsequent rises as these players get held for 30 then dumped and gradually re-bought...Vardy, Wilson, Quaragella, Lewandowski, will be examples to watch. But as soon they reach a certain price, they reach a ceiling of value as IPD punters know they will pay 2% commission and buy back in, they will bet how many goals/assists they think that player will get in the 30day period.

  • @Westy nicely put, I've got some big boy holds Ronaldo ,kroos etc cheaper but good returns.
    And medium to small for Capital growth.

    I'll watch for a couple months before, teams get into the swing of playing and players play before tapping into IPD's players.


  • Plus I'm going to watch/learn premier league before trying others.

  • @Doug-s I only joined towards the end of last season so only had a few goes but making money on IPD's is quite difficult. For a start you have to spend all day glued to the telly! It does give that instant buzz/ sick feeling that traditional football betting gives.

  • I thought it might not be as easy.
    I've had look at some of the other leagues for IPD's as for some bigger teams it's like playing against Sunday league teams every other week.
    But I feel you have to put quite a bit in to get a good return, where as bookies it's straight forward.

    I'm more in trying to double up with players who I feel will get good or better. I'm not on any stat sites just my own choices ( and half of the forum choices 😆😆😆).

  • Currently my plan for IPDs is that i have listed out all my players, found fixture lists for all of them and entered all this info on a spreadsheet, highlighting what games i am going to re buy a few shares for a particular player and then seeing which other games are covered by the 30 days. So the plan is to top up when the player has easy fixtures and not bother when they don't, so as to give the player the best chance of scoring / assisting while iPDs are active, and also if i know that if a player is about to come up against tough teams then i shan't rush to refresh the 30 days until the fixture list clears up.

    However this will be my first season, so we will see how it goes i guess

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