Man City / Liverpool / Chelsea / Leicester/ wolves starting 11?

  • Hi all,

    I’m trying to predict the starting 11s for these guys. Interested in views on where there might be new players.

    City - Jesus might get in over Aguero. Mendy vs Zinchenko . And Rodri will get a place.

    Liverpool - obviously the first couple of games might see Brewster and origi get some time. Otherwise I expect the Ox to get more game time and keita.

    Chelsea - mount and Abraham, pulisic, maybe Christensen?

    Leicester - Perez should get some time. Tielemans will obviously. Maybe James Justin?

    Wolves - Gibbs white might push his way in. Who else?

    Interested in your views on break through players here, or players who may step up a level. (Ox for me)

  • @DrDog Liverpool

    TAA, VVD, Matip, Robbo.
    3 out of 6 of Wijnaldum, Milner, Henderson, Fabinho, Keita, Ox-Chambo, depending on the fixture.
    Salah, Firmino, Mane

    At some point Gomez will probably replace Matip, but Matip is the managers second choice after VVD at the moment.
    Origi will start first few games in Mane's role as Mane isn't even coming back till after the Charity Shield. Brewster will see time off the bench early season, and then how much he's involved after that will depend on how he does.

  • @9stevo

    Yeah, Klopp rotates a lot with his midfield and doesn't have fixed starters. Fabinho will probably start the most, as he is clearly the best at the no.6 role, whereas the other positions have more competition. I expect Keita to be one of the main starters after Fabinho, with Henderson, Wijnaldum and OX rotating more for the other position.

  • Interesting topic mate. I know Barkley is not you but this could be his big breakthrough with Chelsea. Got a manager who loves him and he’s scored a few goals in pre season. Seems very cheap at £1.40 ish. Could easily hit £2 with good start to the season

    I reckon Adama at Wolves will breakthrough this year also seems a low risk player at 64p

    Someone like Zinchenko, Otamendi and Keita could all potentially be starters and kick on this season too

  • @FI-Manager agreed Fab is the absolute business, he can do everything and will have a great season, big hopes for Keita as well. Klopp absolutely loves Wijnaldum and he started more than any other midfielder last year, and we may see him played slightly further forward (like he did for newcastle) given what we've seen in pre season. If that does happen then his price is currently very very low at about 50p!!!

  • Leicester fan here. Regular starters for us this season are likely to be:

    Maguire (if he stays)

    If Maguire goes they may look to get Tarkowski or possibly Dunk who would probably come in as first choice. If not it’s a toss up between Soyuncu and Benkovic for the other CB slot. Benkovic played well for Rodgers at Celtic But was injured at the Euro u21s and hasn’t featured much pre-season so my guess would be Soyuncu would be given a chance opening day.

    Expect rotation between Barnes, Perez, Albrighton and Gray on the wings. Don’t be surprised to see another winger join (please be Ziyech!).

    There’s talk we are after another attacking mid but I expect this will be cover rather than a starter.

    James Justin might get the odd game if Ricardo plays right wing but will likely feature more in the cups.

    Expect Choudhury to get some limited game time too but he is behind Ndidi at the moment.

  • I saw that Mendy was out for the first few weeks until September, so i think its Zinchenko's spot to lose, but to be fair he looked pretty decent at times last season so could get a run for sure.

    Jesus / Aguero I think pep will do the same as last season Aguero for 60/70 mins then Jesus for the remainder in most games. Aguero usually starts as top dog and i have not seen anything over the summer that would suggest that the status quo has changed.

    Rodri i think they will put him in slowly at first, probably get similar amount of game time as Benardo Silva did in his first season. Again just my opinion no facts to back that up, i just think that the city team has been settled for a while (couple or years), they already have to re integrate KDB back into the fold, putting Rodri in as a nailed on starter from the off i think will ruffle too many feathers in the squad as people like gundogan and fernandinho miss out. David Silva might start to make way at some point this season as he gets older which would open up a space, but this would probably benefit B.Silva more then Rodri.

    Perez i think he will play, i just don't think he will be that good.

    Pulisic for the start of the season is about as nailed on as you can get!! Having watched bits of Chelsea's pre season i would say Barkley defo in with a shout, especially with 1st game against utd, i think they might go for the more experienced Barkley over Mount especially at old trafford. Mount has looked good though and he is gonna get some game time for sure. Ruddiger is out till september so there might be an opening for Christensen but again my gut feeling is that he will go for Zuma and Luiz at least the first game anyway.

    Gibbs white, yes i hope that he does breakthrough this year, think he is gonna be a quality player, think a lot will depend on what wolves do regarding the Europa league , not sure how they are gonna handle that as wolves hardly ever rotate which could cost them with the extra games.

    The Ox i think has to play, i think that having him back is probably why they have not really gone for anyone in central midfield aggressively in the transfer window as they have the ox to come back, its cliche but it almost like a new signing, so as long as he is fully fit i think he will start in the midfield three with Milner and Henderson probably.

    Anyway those are my thoughts.

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