End of the season

  • Quick question for the people that have been around for a while. What tends to happen after the seasons finish. Does everybody start selling there players ? Or is there still media buzz to win every day ?


  • @NewUser121918 Usually MB only every day after the season finishes but with the World Cup happening this year they may introduce PB wins for these matches....people wont be selling large quantities of players this year because of transfers and World Cup combined !!

  • the only pattern you'll see is non-WC players (e.g. italians) being sold off to pay for WC players, especially English ones. Kane, Rashford, Alli etc will all rise significantly because the papers will be ALL over them.

  • @CleanShirtTrader

    You've gave my secret away as May/June/July will be the time to BUY Italian... Just seen you mention Crutone in another thread and he and a few others (like Cristante, Lasagna, Calabria, Rugani) will be on the radar for me!!!! The MB will still be strong but i think it'll be a quick turnaround into the WC which should perform very strong for all of us. Not sure in a none WC/Euros year that 'everybodys' price will drop but the beauty of that system would allow you to buy and stock up (at lower prices in theory) well before the season starts!!

  • @dannypea

    Germans have been hammered by the index big boys. FI safe haven currency has Germany traditionally makes it through to latter stages of WC but prices are riding high a shock exit would be interesting

  • @dannypea said in End of the season:


    Not sure in a none WC/Euros year that 'everybodys' price will drop

    Unless people divest, we'll never be in that position. You'll see those with long term contracts, happy at their clubs, dropping. The money will then be piled into those who are more likely to move. If it wasn't for WC this year, you'd be looking at people like Mahrez, Can, Lewandowski etc.

  • Last year , the stable players started to drop around april as money was moves into transfer spec players like morata and james.

    The whole thing went bonkers ... morata went £1 to £3 then back to £1 when people thought he was off to milan then £5.50 when he looked like moving to united then crashed when they bought lukaku then recovered when chelsea bought him.

    Transfer windows on the index arent for the faint hearted although the world cup changes things.

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