A selection of high PB players with dribbles, key passes, tackles and aerial duels per game along side (In their respective leagues)

  • @johnboywalker

    Cheers, I read that thread after I made my first initial mistakes ! Nothing too drastic but I ended up selling off everything off, getting an Indexgains account and doing proper research then fully invested with next year in mind.

    My only short term hold is Maguire who I managed to get onboard before he stabilised at his current price and have received good media divs

    Who's your top tips for the season ;-) ?

  • Rodrigo De Paul from Udinese could benefit strongly. 2.8 KeyP, 1.6 Acc Cross, 2.3 Dribbles and 102.22 Avg PB . Duels and Tackle stats aren't good but 9G+8A from 36 last season could see some rise when he's 15-20p cheaper than other mids listed with similar stats.

  • @johnboywalker Great read 🤠, wish I'd read it 1st when I joined 🤡, but I've got through and lessons learned this makes more sense to me now though 👍👍.

  • @B1992G Great work!! I hold Ks and R**o (other players are available on the site),good to see there work stat's plus cheaper than the big guns

  • @FairlyNewUser said in A selection of high PB players with dribbles, key passes, tackles and aerial duels per game along side (In their respective leagues):


    Who's your top tips for the season ;-) ?

    Realistically, anybody could win PB. Chasing that is often a lost cause. There are only really 5/10 players who win it consistently. Messi, Kimmich, Neymar etc.

    My advice would be to try to be ahead of the curve. The youth trend has stopped, and now everyone is buying players for PB purposes.

    I already bought the PB stars (Thorgan Hazard, Depay etc etc) 2/3 months ago, and am now selling these PB players at significant profit and looking to reinvest the money elsewhere.

    Injured players are probably the safest long term hold with potential for growth.

    Wait till the transfer window closes, and certain expected players have not moved. People will panic and instant sell. This is the time to get involved, and await the next transfer window.

    Yannick Carrasco is a prime example of this. If he falls to 75p like I imagine. I'll be putting my house on him moving to Europe in January 2020.

    Long term thinking really does pay off on this platform.

  • @B1992G said in A selection of high PB players with dribbles, key passes, tackles and aerial duels per game along side (In their respective leagues):



    Stand outs - Digne, Kimmich, VVD & Atal



    Stand outs - Savanier, Thiago, A Gomez & Pulgar



    Stand outs - Neymar, Messi, Depay, E Hazard & Sancho

    I hold 3 of the stand outs: Neymar, Messi and Sancho. I hope you're right.

  • @johnboywalker

    Nice, gutted I only got introduced near the end of the deposit bonus period and I didn't have a good enough understanding to commit big money into it.

    Will you sell them off and re-invest in them again later in the year or what kind of targets will you be aiming for? Intrigued, PM if you don't want to advertise your strategy !

    Yeah waiting till the Euros earliest to do any big sell offs.

  • Pique at 50p has got to be a steal. Look at that pb average! And aerial duals will only aid his cause...

    Certainly some interesting research thanks

  • Thanks for this post. Nice effort.

  • @LukeJF good shout

  • If people are buying off this data just for PB then they really need to take into consideration the implied dividend yield of the player, some of the "stand out" players on the list have poor yields.

    Having a quick look on index gain and matching players with this data, these are some of the standouts imo from a PB stand point.

    Gerard Pique - 31% yield + 3.4 aerial duels
    Alexsander Kolarov - 27% yield + Decent in 3 of the data stats.
    Lucas Digne - 10% yield + Very strong in 3 of the data stats.
    Alejendro Gomez - 13% yield + Very strong in 3 of the data stats.
    Ever Banega - 24% yield + decent scores in 4 of the data stats. (Risky because of rumoured transfer links to non PB league)

  • what do you think of Ryan Fraser? he has made 93 key passes in 38 games which gives you a 2.4 scoring which is up there with the best and only a fraction of the price

  • @Sacred agree with you mate, I pointed out the stand out players who overall have the best stats to benefit the changes .

    Yield stats you are correct

  • Pretty incredible seeing some of the rises at the moment. Players that dribble a lot but have otherwise shite PB are going well...successful dribbles are going to have to be worth a lot for some of these players to be winning PB.

  • @Yellow Some ridiculous rises - it's not like everything else in the matrix is gonna disappear. I can see some big drops where the rises are completely unjustified.

  • @B1992G good work thanks for sharing

  • @johnboywalker @B1992G

    I can verify this is indeed not my work :). (Mine had extra data ;) )Good effort B1992G it's a good steer

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