New player, sub £100 to spend. Where do I go?

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    Ok so clearly not me, but imagine a new player starts up now.
    What are your suggestions to ensure they have maximum fun over the next 4 weeks and keep them interested in FI?

    My two bits of advice have been:

    1. Don't buy and sell too much and
    2. Don't go near the risers list.

    But I also don't want to suggest players who wont generate much interest and cause players to get bored and wander off.

  • @MrWh1te What team do they support?

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    @Jimbob Good question I don't know.
    I was making this a general thread but thinking about a guy I invited (I sent him the footballindexscout link) that I met at on a poker table online last night (he beat me heads up in a mtt).
    I know when I started I got bored and left pretty quickly as it doesn't have that instant buzz that I am used to. I did eventually find my way back but would be good if our suggestions to new players can try and avoid that.

  • @MrWh1te I'd suggest at least one youngster that they rate from whichever club they support would give them more of a connection to the idea, even if it's not the most profitable trade.

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    Yes that is a good idea. I know the players I just cant face selling are the ones I watch most often on the tv (as a Portsmouth supporter I don't get to keep tabs lol).

    These players sometimes aren't the most profitable but watching them all the time keeps my engaged.

  • Definitely advise them to think in percentages, not £££. You've probably thought about this already but I think it's an important point to make especially with somebody with a small budget. If you're thinking in pounds you'll get put off immediately when you see twitter braggers '50k Dividends!' etc and compare it to your low low totals. Always work in percentages.

  • Penalty taker for some quick returns(drmic, milivojevic), then a promising full/wing back from outside the prem( castagne/mbabu), then a bastard(balotelli)

    Shows the ropes of IPD, cap app and media. Mixing up the league will show that its not all about the prem, and having a bastard is always fun(so annoyed mitrovic is out of the prem)

  • I have Mitrovic as I feel like he will score a lot for Fulham

  • I'd say research and pick 1 player from each of the 5 PB leagues and invest £20 in each.

    This means you will have a few players to track (a 1 player portfolio would be boring for most people) and would also spread the risk whilst you gain some confidence.

    Alot of the fun of FI for me is going doing my own research and trying to find who I think will be a good investment. That isn't for everyone though.

    With a low initial investment too I'd say don't bother too much about dividend winners. Try and get capital appreciation players. For example if you blew your budget on 12 pogbas, the odd 12 p or 24p win probably won't excite you too much if you have invested near £100 where as if you had £20 in a player whose value rose to £25 in a few weeks, that £5 profit doesn't feel so bad at all when Pogba may have bagged you £1-3 in the same time frame but could have gone down in price

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