Artem Dyzuba

  • Am I missing something? Why the big rise? I'm guessing people still think be plays for zenit who are tonight playing against Celtic. For the record, he no longer plays for zenit.

  • I’ve sold 50 of my 200 holding for reasons you point out... however he’s going to be in World Cup squad opening day and the loan to Arsenal runs out at 30th June in line with World Cup where I guess they will want to offload to maybe someone like Huddersfield May sell some more with hopes of buying back... I’m chatting to someone on dating site from St Petersburg and it’s -20 today there so all I can think is people think he’s playing and has skin of a penguin 🐧 I think celtics going to lose about 10-0 could be wrong but if he scores it will be a miracle has for reasons you’ve pointed out but there’s a World Cup factor too.. he dropped from 27p last week to 17p now at 34p wish I’d of jumped on at 17p now I bought at 24p

  • @Chicken-Badge

    I just hope FI don’t pay me out in Scottish tenners off Rangers fans ... long live Richard Gough!!!

  • hahahaha I wouldn't touch the Russians myself... well maybe the women in St Petersburg aren't too bad ;-) but certainly not the men... they don't seem to travel too well and historically seem to stick to their own league so not much chance of a PB or MB win.... That said I've always really liked Dzagoev and he scored last night so had he been an option I might have taken a cheap punt. I think Zenit have one or two Argies that aren't too bad and they might be keen on getting a move to a warmer climate soon but anyone Russian i would avoid because I really wouldn't be able to tell you who I think could be the next Valeri Karpin??

  • I’ve never been to St Petersburg or Russia but can speak Russian and been to many FSU states like Kiev in Ukraine, Minsk in Belarus and the women are lush! Sadly Robrov wasn’t and my sale of Dzyuba seems to of dryd up somewhat was selling 10 a time at 1-34 had 200 now got 120 he’s abit if a old guard and will be in wc squad and still cheap for a striker just not sure if a team 8th in russian leagues a good career move for him lol

  • @Chicken-Badge he hasn't played for Russia for nearly 2 years though so why ate you so sure he'll be in the squad?

    I reckon people think he's playing tonight which he obviously isn't cos he's signed for a different club. Just doesn't make any sense.

  • He was injured after playing in confederations cup he came back from injury and played for ZSPB and did well at Rostov too leading russian scorer! The loan was to the Russian Arsenal team with expires in June when he goes back to ZSPB I think it maybe one of the Giroud situations where he’s moved to get a World Cup spot the guys place in the squad would be simuler to vardy not first choice but there how many other players in the index can say they could go to Russia in home team and are only penny’s to buy the unexpected increase in price was welcome and I’ve sold many of them now including instant sell got 60 left that’s all but I think I agree it’s partly for buzz v Celtic in arctic conditions please also remember it’s not my post I’m only commenting the post is an awareness post that people maynot be paying attention to his situation I guess so it’s a good post and good you alerted people to situation but he’s not on live feed some traders maybe abit sleepy today

  • @Chicken-Badge But there is no hope of buzz vs Celtic regardless of the conditions because he's not playing for Zenit!

  • @BL__FI said in Artem Dyzuba:

    @Chicken-Badge But there is no hope of buzz vs Celtic regardless of the conditions because he's not playing for Zenit!

    Yes exactly I hundred percent agree with you. Hence I’ve sold 140 out of 200 I think people look at fixture list and cross reference with the club on the index info then think he’s going to give Celtic a kick-in tonight in weather not realising he’s gone away on loan... also the price was IPO at 14p start went down to 17p and I had 200 out of 300 futures out there.. also when on the list of top gains people tend to jump on for some reason

  • Sold the rest at 24p anyway broke even on last 60 but made on the first 140

  • Is there a way of checking what a player IPO'd at? As I've known their graphs to be wrong before?

  • Not sure if I'm missing something here but why would it matter if he even gets in the Russian squad? I get it's a home world cup but who was the South Korean star at the 2002 world cup? Other than Huddink (who wouldn't matter obviously as the coach) I can't remember one and they got the semi finals. The Russian have an easy group but it's a terrible team. Surely they won't hold the ball enough to get any significant PB and MB will be non existent as no players will rise to top 200. Also the chances of a Russian leaving the Russian leagues are very slim as they pay huge wages for average players so not sure why anyone would buy any Russians?

  • @Ozzlebert

    You mean you can't remember Hong Myung Bo the most famous Korean defender since the Kim family took office north of the border??? I had him in my stickers in 1990 and he was still playing World Cup football 12 years later!!!!!

    I think a few Koreans would have got good FI buzz off there performances during that competition and anyone that lumped on Park Ji Sung or Lee Young Pyo after the tournament might have done alright out of it (hypothetically of course)!!!

    The beauty of this game is that everyone will have their moment so if its a young star with no future that IPO's just because he plays for Arsenal, a French star that hogs MB for signing for Arsenal or if its a Swedish part timer that wins PB just because he scores against Arsenal you still have an equal chance of success!

    Perhaps playing for Arsenal Tula though won't?? Unless FI opens up to Russian papers whilst keeping their keywords the same??

  • I did ok with him I think it was at the expence of a Twitter god!!! Not researching and working out Celtic was going there in arctic conditions it dropped as low as -27 there

  • A simple Google search is all it takes!!!!

  • @Stevo Looks like that's too hard for a few people. Back up 22p again today.

  • @Ozzlebert haha when he went up to 30 I thought maybe a little bit crazy but people might think he's guna go to the world cup.

    Today it's clearly cos people think he's playing for zenit.

  • Couldn't care whether he can play or not - I held 300 of him yesterday for this very reason and they all got dumped for a purpose I can't quite recall. 300 @,0.24,0.24,0.23 and hes trading at 0.46😣

  • @Pierrey2129 I bought some myself when he was 17p and made a tiny profit. Never in a million years thought he'd get to 45p. My point is why are people buying now?

  • @Pierrey2129 I was thinking about buying some before the second leg and flipping before the game. I'll lose any PB (although he's unlikely to win any when he's going to be 3000km away!) But could make a nice profit.

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