Kane next £10 player? Before world cup?

  • With his recent rises, can Kane become the next £10 player before the world cup? He's consistent with media and PB and has loads of transfer links after the world cup!!! Will he match Neymar's rise?

  • for sure he will go past £10

  • I don't know if it will happen pre World Cup. But if he stays injury free, he'll definitely exceed £10 by the time England are knocked out of the World Cup (i.e. probably in Round 2 or at the QF stage).

  • He's going to exceed it by the end of the week at this rate lol

  • I think he could actually pass the £10 mark a lot sooner than people think. He's already up by almost £1 in the last week and the market seems to be going hyper right now. Everyone knows he's going to dominate the MB this summer and will want to get on the bandwagon nice and early, I wouldn't be surprised if he joins the £10 club in early March.

  • @NewUser95676
    Yeah kane is flying and will make it, no doubt.

    The more interesting question is if pogba will! He's also up a pound this week and the world cup is still 4 months away. It doesn't matter if he is on the bench, scoring goals or playing for france. He is going to smash the media buzz score until the next transfer window closes.

  • Agree with those saying he'll reach it easily- everyone (including Swedes, Canadians and Irish) know how the media fixate on England from the week before the squad's announced).
    Kane will be all over the news, (maybe even if he gets injured). Maybe not PB so much (it IS England after all, so look elsewhere for that) but he'll probably be captain too so it's an almost guaranteed win every day.

    My question to someone much more clued up on this though- what's his ceiling? I think until next season we're looking around the £12, taking into account the natural growth of the expansion that's happening.

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