Ryan Fraser

  • I was gonna consider buying this guy last night when he was at 1.25 but decided not to. Kinda annoyed I didn't now because I've noticed he is rocketing due to the new matrix with assists, key passes and dribbles. Was wondering if its too late to hop on him now or is it worth waiting a couple days to see if his price goes down a bit after all the hype?

  • @NewUser175256 i just bought him an hour ago. After looking at the changes to the system i felt he fitted it well and was the only new addition i made to my port

  • @Black-wolf did you invest heavily in him? Looking to hold?

  • I just bought 600. Should fit the new matrix nicely. I think he will be in a lot of people's minds now as a 'maybe' so potential to increase a lot if he does post a 150+ score in the first month.

  • @NewUser175256 nah i dont invest heavily in any player. I have a very diverse port so i have a lot of players but smaller holds

  • The first player I bought on fi at 50p four months ago. Always liked the way he played and at the time didn't know much about Fi but all I kept reading was be patient which I have and now im seeing the fruits of this.
    Be interesting to see how he fares this season let's hope he kicks on

  • @Jonah same as me. Saw him play a couple of times exciting attacking player. Won a few IPD so kept topping up. Then linked to Arsenal so big rise then fall. Kept hold. Will keep adding as will get a big move.

  • @LittleFish yeah still a strong hold pity nothing came of the arsenal interest because he was well up for it and it would have been a good step up from Bournemouth both media and performance wise .
    There's time yet 🤞 but Pepe looks nailed on. Only a year left on his contract so needs another good season and who knows.

  • Anyone think he might do well in the Scotland games?

  • @Westy i think Ryan Jack might be the safest bet in the scotland team. Hes only 26p and been in good form for Rangers lately.

  • @Black-wolf think you would be better buying Robben than Jack. Most overrated player in Scotland, his PB scores would be in the negative for the amount of times he gives the ball away.

  • @RU99 doesnt stop Felix getting over £4 with his negative scores.🤣 jack is 26p im not saying he’s a great PB player im just saying at that price it might be worth a shot as a low risk hold.

    Btw im not comparing jack to felix just saying the market doesnt always reflect ability or dividend returns

  • I held but he dropped alot, I also hold Harry Wilson who i think is stealing his limelight at Bournemouth at the moment.

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