£20 to £100 challenge

  • @BOOM 400% but 500% ✅🤪

  • @Trader-ZX It will take a bold man/woman to suggest the first purchase haha

  • @Squire1905 haha honestly nothing to lose if anyone is willing to share a punt. And I 100% mean what I say if I reached £100 I will Paypal £20 to someone that has taken the time to comment :)

  • @Trader-ZX my first bet with £20 in light of the announcement would be David Silva. I am sure plenty of other people would disagree though haha

  • @Trader-ZX
    I think you should invest it in Jordan Henderson as he will be playing a part of around 10 games between now and the end of September. so has a good chance of PB & Cap App!!!

  • Kieran Tierney, currently £1.40 and is on the way up - due to sign for Arsenal.

    Will jump slightly, and should be a quick turnaround of a massive 1 or 2% ROI after commission :-)

  • I've got shares in Bouna Sarr for Marseille, 35p.
    Right back but been playing as a wide forward in friendlies, been mentioned on the forum already.
    If that's where he starts the season there would be a big jump in his price for IPD and PB potential.
    You would get 57 shares for £19.95, if he was to rise to say 50p that would give you £28.50 a 40% ROI after commission.
    Would be a decent start?

  • Jay Rodriguez 37p
    Can see him having a good season with Burnley and should win IPD and cap app.
    Already got a few goals in pre-season and you can buy quite a few of him and get a decent profit on him.

  • @Trader-ZX

    Depends what the top value is you're looking to invest in. Keeping it close to home (aka Newcastle) Longstaff (£1.58) and Almiron (£1.01) I think will increase this season.

    Longstaff rose to £1.85 before his injury with talk of England call ups etc. Looks like NUFC will be holding onto him so will be playing week in week out and getting the media rumours around transfers and england call ups etc he should rise with a full season under his belt.

    Almiron is similar, rose from £0.75 in Jan to £1.30 in March, again he dropped after his injury but following a good Copa America he rose up to £1.13, dropped a little again now as he's been very much out of sight out of mind, but back in Newcastle's preseason plans and played in last 2 games and looking like he is working well with Joelinton. If he plays as well as he was between Jan and Mar can see him pushing up higher and who knows if those Real Madrid rumours will resurface.

    A more out there one may be Dani De Wit at Ajax, 21 year old centre midfielder. De Jong has now gone and whilst he only played 4 time last season, De Wit captained the reserve team (I think) playing 18 times and scoring 6 goals. He's only £0.60 and if Ajax do what they did last season in Europe he may do big things. However, he's not in a PB league to that could go against him if Ajax struggle.

  • Love all of these suggestions already guys! I will buy £20 worth of shares in one of these players within an hour or so. Let the suggestions keep coming in.

    I will post amount of shares and value bought. I will also aim to sell fairly quickly to capitalise on any profits (if they rise of course).

    Thanks for taking part and having a bit of fun with me!

  • @Trader-ZX
    It's only money at the end of the day. virtual at that, but its why we earn it to enjoy it so why go for it hope it works out as ive gone for Ramiro Guerra Of Villareal and renato tapia of feyenoord as should capp app nicly for chrimbo?????

  • Sergio Ramos should be good for a 50% increase in the next couple of months. He’s only £1.03 and he’s good for goals and has PB potential. His graph suggests plenty of room for growth

  • @Specksynder said in £20 to £100 challenge:

    Sergio Ramos should be good for a 50% increase in the next couple of months. He’s only £1.03 and he’s good for goals and has PB potential. His graph suggests plenty of room for growth

    Totally agree with Ramos - expect him to quickly reach £1.20

  • Ohh I love a challenge, I will certainly keep an eye on it and make some suggestions.

    I did have some challenges running on another forum but it closed and I stopped them, but tempted to start one here at some point, I will see how interest is on this one :)

    Good luck

  • Here's a winner. John McGinn. Already on the radar of top 6 clubs after one season in champs where he was star player for Villa. Put your £20 there and watch it grow.

  • Goretzka is a safe bet to increase in value over the next few months

  • Made my first purchase which was:

    Sergio Ramos. 15 shares @ £1.03 (total £19.57)

    Let's hope he has a rise and I can flip some profit for the next purchase.

    Thanks for getting involved everyone. Stay tuned!

  • @Trader-ZX
    good luck

  • @Trader-ZX we’ll be keeping on eye on this, interesting to see how it goes! I was in the same position as you was trading for 6 months and had to withdraw the lot, only been back on last couple of weeks, I’ve started again with £50 👍

  • What about Diego Rico at Bournemouth? Lloyd Kelly reportedly our injured. Could see Rico taking his place. Currently 25p

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