£20 to £100 challenge

  • @Brabbn Ye very disappointed. Tosun started for Turkey (which already was a gamble) but then they only win 1-0 to Andorra FFS!! Was hoping he'd be on people's mind going into 2moro game with Moldova and we could have got out then for a 8-10p profit. See if he redeems himself with a goal 2moro. Wont be a big rise though at this stage. Already have a round 5 tip go up 2p, Dying for this round to finish and give the new tip before his price is dead...

  • Interesting challenge - surely going to take a few years to get a 5x increase?

  • Had I shelved my Bale hopes in favour of Carrasco a few weeks back I’d be sat pretty, keep me in there on Bale please for future tables. He may not win this time, he might not win next but coming soon the market will get back on him

  • @Bradley117 Will do squire!!

  • ♪♫♪ What a difference a day makes , 24 little hours ♪♫♪

    @dean73 who swopped in to take 2nd place has dropped like a rock and gone from 2nd place £0.14p in profit after commission to -£0.55 after commission. Which goes to show just how volatile FI is at the minute!

    @Martyn-B still out in front and @Jonah still in 3rd, some other guy is currently in 2nd. Apparently he is pretty dam awesome!


  • For this challenge could have/would have market sold Hamsik for 17or 18p. I held out for IPD's which I didn't get. Now I personally need to hold for the 1 qualifer in October or two in November, last one is home against Azerbaijan, so hopefully I can sell on a spike then. Or maybe transfer speculation in January?

    Hamsik was a cheap punt, which has so far failed in my opinion, but is leading this round of tips which just goes to show how tough this is going to be!! Good luck @Trader-ZX !!

  • Surely Lloris can pick up the first dividends of the round? Clean sheet and maybe even an assist?

  • @Martyn-B Ah International week turned out to be a disaster!! Always going to be difficult to read with it being the first Divs eligible set of games. Buzzing for club football back. We can drive this challenge on over the next few weeks now and get closer to the ton mark. @Trader-ZX has inspired me to try my own bank builder challenge, wont post the results as it gets confusing alongside this challenge but giving me an extra buzz to FI. 1 trade moved on already, was going well but didnt get out at the right time and left with tiny profit. Think I have chosen an old tip of @Vespasian32 for my 2nd trade, fingers crossed.

  • @Martyn-B the tit concede in the 93rd minute in the last game

  • @Brane_Ormso you changed your user name?

  • @Jonah I have indeed, work user name and PC getting confused with remembering passwords so thought I'd amend profile name on here to save me bit of time.

    Either that or I'm secretly on the run and changing user name to keep those people guessing :P

  • @Martyn-B Been a hard slog this round, international football aint helped, even Perisic who grabbed a goal for Croatia is actually losing money. That being said we are only 9 days into the round so reckon a few more IPD will be grabbed up this weekend.

    Think @Trader-ZX has been unlucky with Chucky being rested last game before the break and him not playing in the qualifiers (would be difficult seeing as he's Argentinian but hey ho). Hopefully this coming weekend will see him start against Eibar (15th) in the league and Ferencvárosi (19th) in the Europa league will scope some dividends and price rise.

  • @Brane_Ormso

    Tough round indeed, I missed the fact that Perisic had a goal dividend, I glanced down the wrong column. Chucky should come good in next 2 games, patience is needed even in the IPD quick flip game.

    On a related note I mentioned this challenge on another thread, just want to make clear I wasn't dissing @Trader-ZX (also sent him a direct message) or this challenge just pointing out how difficult an IPD only strategy is. For me IPD's are a bonus and are a healthy part of a balanced, diverse portfolio and strategy.

    As a Scotland fan with a MB biased portfolio I can't wait for a few treble MB days followed by some proper league football!! Good luck all!!

  • @Martyn-B

    Think there has been a huge swing recently at those looking for quick flips and IPD. I've always had a few in my portfolio but that has been balanced out with long and medium term holds. Everyone will manage there ports differently but the recent rise in quick flips has had a bigger impact on the overall market than people thought it would.

  • @Martyn-B ipd flips much harder now than pre split. The rises were quicker when it was 100 shares... Took less money to push the prices up and subsequently you covered your commission much quicker so could buy and sell rapid fire.

    But match day/ipd flipping is still a good way to make quick profit.

    The comment from @Chris-J above interested me... Years to make 500% profit... Yeh sounds right, but that's the mentality of a long term trader thinking of how to make 500% on one player or a few players like kane etc

    My first suggestion in this thread had made me 118% within 3 weeks of buying... Hes had a dip in the last two weeks so now I'm more like 90% but I think the next 2 games will see him hit his highest price yet. When I sell him, having made some divs too, itl be around 100-120% on one player in circa 2 months. I'll then look to repeat on another player.

    If successful... In terms of £20-100 I'd have turned £20 into £40 then £40 into £80 hopefully on two players in aroun ld 3 months. Then with £80 I just need to make £20 more... Becomes a pretty easy task.

    Not every punt is going to work out of course... Need to find a player undervalued who has a run of fixtures to put himself in with a chance of being noticed.

    Easiest way is with a striker who will score.. Or an injured player who's had an exaggerated dip, or a backup player who is going to fill in for a long term injury (see what happened to alonso as soon as Emerson went off injured the other night)

    You don't even have to go for these big wins... You can buy a 50-100p striker on a Monday and sell on a Saturday pre kick off for a 5-15p profit each time. Slow and steady rises...

    Now why do I have a £35k port and only have 1 ipd striker... Its time, effort, risk... But definitely a strategy worth assigning some of your port to. And definitely a chance to make 500% in months rather than years.

  • @Vespasian32

    Thanks for your lengthy and as always insightful and informative response. Fully agree that IPD flips are profitable and a worthwhile part of any balanced portfolio and strategy.

    In other threads I have seen someone discussing putting everything into a 30 day hold on one of the Arsenal front 3, wrong time, wrong price and wrong strategy, and would never recommend a portfolio of 1. I responded at length and that thread has died a death, so maybe a wind up. Also seen elsewhere someone suggesting Kane for an IPD flip. This is the type of IPD strategy i was trying to warn against.

    Also feels like as a group we were more successful tipping a month ago, maybe the tide is turning against quick flips now that we are 30 days + into the season or maybe just a consequence of the international break.

    I had my next flip/ short term hold lined up but Pogba's price is too tempting so trying to queue enough for another 200. The cheap flips will still be available after the dividends start coming in.

  • @Martyn-B yeh kane isn't an IPD flip 😂

    There will be an element of it getting harder... I think people have misinterpreted @Fletch recent post... But basically as season gets underway the market absorbs who the starting players are, who the form teams and which players are getting good pb scores and goals... So players should start to represent their 'value' (an acceptable roi based on expected yield)... But the index, much like the original stock markets still suffers from the Monday effect etc and illogical trading patterns.

    Ferreyra is my man... Down from 62 to 56 p that's on the back of not starting the last league game and then a 2 week break. If he is in the lineup vs eibar I'd expect him to rise 2-3p, if he scores il expect him to be 60-65p...a brace and 65-70p...doesnt start I expect a drop of 2-5p... But id expect him to play and score vs ferencvaros! And recover to around 55-60p on So I'd then accept he's not going to hit the heights of 65-70 I'd hoped for and look to sell.

    So whilst I admit it's all very risky, it's not to say there isn't some predictability around it...

  • Keep pumping, I was tempted, but I have my wishlist of one for now...😉

  • @Martyn-B I wouldn't recommend anyone buy him now... Hes at the ipd value already where any increase is going to come from a goal and those magical people who buy in batches of 300 before the goals even shown on live TV!

    Well... Buy if you think he will play vs eibar and/or ferenc and score...

  • alt text

    What have we done people! Sudden drop for Hamsik has seen him topple right out the top 3 and now the 2nd and 3rd best tips are making a loss! Domestic football can't come back soon enough!


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