£20 to £100 challenge

  • @Brane_Ormso bare in mind we all picked with an eye on the international games so I wouldn't get to down hearted . We all choose with a short time frame in mind so we will excuse you just this once 😂

  • Just cos I refuse to start anything else this close to home time at work I've decided to compile a list of how things stand looking at all the tips and trades so far:

    The top two come from round one and the 3rd from round 3:

    1st @Vespasian32 tip - Ferreyra - price at tip £0.32, IPD earned £1.24 - value now £0.56 profit after commission (PAC) of £15.43
    2nd @Ericali - Kolarov - then £0.44, no IPD, now £0.75 - PAC £13.28
    3rd @BarbayanBrawler - Niang - then £0.61, IPD £0.33, now £0.89, PAC £8.98

    All the more impressive considering there has been more money available and more shares up for grabs in rounds 3 and 4!


  • @Brane_Ormso

    You really have too much time on your hands!! Top job as usual. Not to be picky but you have awarded Ferreyra, McGinn and Lloris 2p IPD's when it should have been 1p. Only goals scored by defenders get 2p. Regardless, at the time Ferreyra was by far the best tip to date.

  • @Martyn-B Indeed my friend, but when you try to collate 4 rounds of data in 5 spare minutes you make stupid mistakes such as copying the formula from someone who gets 2p per goal and applying it to everyone like some kind of moron.

    alt text

  • Not much change other than to note the Lloris is back into 2nd seeing as i've corrected the formulas. Honestly you'd think with the amount of mistakes i've been making recently that i was working for FI or something

    alt text

    Anyway here's the table so far (which i'll no doubt have to repost later when I, or someone else spots an error :)


  • @Brane_Ormso

    You are not a Moron, you are a legend in this thread. I am the one with OCD, I noticed the Lloris error straight away, say in a corner twitching, biting my tongue, trying not to look, or comment and waited for someone else to comment, they never did so I finally had to respond when the elongated historical table popped up.

    Thanks for all your efforts on here, makes this challenge much more fun and quantifiable.

  • New table looks perfect and I wouldn't dare correct you again if it was utter bollocks!! Well I say perfect, I am dead last!!

  • @Brane_Ormso quite a lot of red there think we need to up our game or @Trader-ZX is going to be having corn beef sarnies for Xmas lunch. Great job as usual .

  • @Brane_Ormso incredible work again mate. love these updates, the only qualifier i would give with this process is that we generally look at things when @Trader-ZX gets out of the trade. For example Tosun, i tipped and he scored on Tuesday and hit 43p, that is my moment to exit. He didnt score the 1st game so didnt get the 10p spike i wanted but at 43p i get out and minus comm i would have made a .60 profit. Can't win them all and move onto the next one attitude. That was the thinking on Tosun but for the relevance of this spreadsheet, i know its very hard for you to interpret those details.

  • @BarbayanBrawler Agree mate, @Martyn-B had the same issue regarding Hamsik when his price rocketed.

    By all means I can add it into the next round and people can shout up when they would sell and I'll mark the spreadsheet accordingly. I'll obviously still track the price so we can see if anyone jumped off the wagon too soon.

    This won't help have any impact on @Trader-ZX but I certainly don't mind doing it if people wana see it?

  • @Brane_Ormso excellent, that would be a great addition. everyone try to post the moment they would exit. obviously we cant equate for sell queue etc etc, but we can assume that as the price is rising the sale would got through at that price. As you say aswell, with you tracking it, we can tell if the exit was too early or well timed.

  • @Jonah said in £20 to £100 challenge:

    @Brane_Ormso quite a lot of red there think we need to up our game or @Trader-ZX is going to be having corn beef sarnies for Xmas lunch. Great job as usual .

    Corned beef is as overpriced as mbappe these days mate. I love it but it's no longer a cheap filler!

  • @BarbayanBrawler No worries, so going forward if you would sell your player drop a line in here stated what the sell price is and we'll just assume that they sell to market at that price.

  • Needed this thread for inspiration as have £100 to Chuck in to something, seems the depressed market is killing everyone’s predictions 🤯 - is there a lack of new money coming in or IPOs coming to quickly for the platform and investors

  • @BarbayanBrawler @Martyn-B

    How's this look??


  • Looks perfect to me. Sorry to have created more work for you though!! Does give a much more realistic picture or scenario as all of these tips would be sold at different times, hopefully their optimal time, rather than just when @Trader-ZX pulls the trigger on his sell.

    Good job!! Good luck all with the weekend ahead and tomorrow's price draw, that Fulham shirt has my name on it!!

  • @Martyn-B you would rather have the Fulham shirt than £1000 ?
    You could buy their squad with that😂

  • @Jonah said in £20 to £100 challenge:

    @Martyn-B you would rather have the Fulham shirt than £1000 ?
    You could buy their squad with that😂

    I didn't want to tempt fate...

  • @Brane_Ormso Quality mate!! really, thats top work. gives everyone a chance to show the worth of their trade. Both Martyn & myself have got out with small profit as oppose to losing us money. Thanks

  • Happy Friday 13th MOFO's

    @Martyn-B and @BarbayanBrawler has "cashed in" their proverbial tips and stand to finish the round as top tippers. I'm assuming that seeing as there's only myself and @Jonah currently in the black that everyone else would be holding on at the minute until the weekend has passed.


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