£20 to £100 challenge

  • Sergio Ramos should be good for a 50% increase in the next couple of months. He’s only £1.03 and he’s good for goals and has PB potential. His graph suggests plenty of room for growth

  • @Specksynder said in £20 to £100 challenge:

    Sergio Ramos should be good for a 50% increase in the next couple of months. He’s only £1.03 and he’s good for goals and has PB potential. His graph suggests plenty of room for growth

    Totally agree with Ramos - expect him to quickly reach £1.20

  • Ohh I love a challenge, I will certainly keep an eye on it and make some suggestions.

    I did have some challenges running on another forum but it closed and I stopped them, but tempted to start one here at some point, I will see how interest is on this one :)

    Good luck

  • Here's a winner. John McGinn. Already on the radar of top 6 clubs after one season in champs where he was star player for Villa. Put your £20 there and watch it grow.

  • Goretzka is a safe bet to increase in value over the next few months

  • Made my first purchase which was:

    Sergio Ramos. 15 shares @ £1.03 (total £19.57)

    Let's hope he has a rise and I can flip some profit for the next purchase.

    Thanks for getting involved everyone. Stay tuned!

  • @Trader-ZX
    good luck

  • @Trader-ZX we’ll be keeping on eye on this, interesting to see how it goes! I was in the same position as you was trading for 6 months and had to withdraw the lot, only been back on last couple of weeks, I’ve started again with £50 👍

  • What about Diego Rico at Bournemouth? Lloyd Kelly reportedly our injured. Could see Rico taking his place. Currently 25p

  • Only just seen you’ve gone for Ramos. Good luck 🤞

  • Up a penny already only need one more to cover comission then your in profit. If mctmonay doesn't spike between now and flipping he's a great shout for your next purchase 1.11 he will be double this soon. Got goals in him under ole. Good luck

  • @Trader-ZX good idea, but 400% could take a while if you play too safe. I think you have to throw caution to the wind in situations like this.

    How about £20 to £100 in less than 10 trades? 🤔

    Keeps it interesting - and if you fail, see how much is in the kitty for your next attempt of £20 to £100 in 10 trades.

  • 15 shares... So once he's up 3p if u sell to market you've earned 15p...another 79.85 to go!

    I'd be stacking on a player to where I can make more money per penny rise! Between 20-30p market making 50-60p per penny rise... Start earning a few quid at each spike then work way up in value.

  • Example... 62 shares of Facundo Ferreyra @ 32p = £19.84.
    Espanyol play second leg of their Euro qualifier tomo, he scored 2 in first leg. With every goal he scores it will add up to form... And people will be interested at 32p for the ipd market. So a goal tomo will put him up around 8p I reckon.

    If you sell to market while hes on the up... Let's go for a modest 6p rise, you get 5pps... £3.15 ☺

    Ramos is going to have to rise 23p for that profit.

    Its a higher risk strat... But to make 400% you are gona have to take risks... Considering the general market roi will sit between 25-100% (guess/from indication on forum discussion)

    Ferreyra is just an example and I do hold... Abundance of players at that price bracket and with the season almost upon us... Lots of opportunity (Matt Ritchie, Konstantinos Stafylidis... cough cough... More examples)

  • Challenge accepted :-0 (40p over but i'm sure that's not a problem?)


  • @Vespasian32 I think you could be right buddy. My next buy will definitely have to be lower share price so I can purchase 50+ shares!

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Love this FI community. Really hope I can start making some moves (could be a hard slog I think) but hey !

    Stay tuned for the flip!

  • Good luck mate, Ramon won't make huge money but perhaps it a solid starter. Will be tracking to see how you get on!

  • You would have been better off going with Kolarov at 44p & buying 45 shares. 👍

    Market sell them when he's above 60p when the market closes in Italy.

    That's what I would of done - but then again, that's why I'm a guru 😁💰

  • I’d be buying Bale with £20, any move earns you a bit and plenty of MB potential between now and the end of this window - a spurs/United move could be the first 100% quite easily. Then depending how actively you want to manage your portfolio I’d get on Carassco in November time as he’s been promised a move back to Europe in January- too early to get on him now, I expect his price will drop a bit more over the next 6-8 weeks

  • @Ericali I've made my bed now so I'll have to lay in it Haha. I'll keep that in mind for the next move.

    If Ramos goes up another 2p I wil sell. Take a small profit and move on to the next trade.

    Thanks for everyone's comments. I hope that each trade will offer a little learning curve that will all contribute to reaching the goal 😉

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