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  • New to Football Index, joined for a bit of fun and know quite a bit about football. However I can't seem to choose who to invest in? Investing £100 to see how it goes, and I'm fully not expecting to turn over ridiculous profit margins, but I'd like to make a bit of buck gradually throughout the next year. I've seen Pogba tops the MB charts often, and he's bound to rise pre WC, however an investment of say 12 futures of Pogba with a £1.50 increase will only return about £16. I was looking more at sub £2 players to stock up on, as examples such as Leon Bailey and Milinkovic Savic seem to be popular. As iterated, I'm doing this for a bit of fun, so some general advice would be great.

  • @KingJimoT i would buy Bailey. He is a fantastic player and will transfer to a top club probably in summer....

  • I have found it most enjoyable to go for players that I want to watch play. It makes it more fun to watch the game. Loads of advice on the forum that I found great when I joined that will give you points on the best types of players to go for so won't go into details on my favourite players although I have got the best return from the superstar type players. Pick players you believe in and use whoscored for stats if you are after PB players or just listen to @Agatello and @Noirx4, neither get much wrong. I'd avoid IPO's for a while. Can be very volitile.

  • @Ozzlebert thanks man

  • @KingJimoT first off you need to make sure you set your expectations at the right level. £16 on £100 is 16% return. I can't think of any investment which returns 16%.

    Second Pogba has been winning a lot of MB later but he is a all or nothing player he will either win it every day for a week or not win or come close for a month so be careful of short term trends.

    Finally it all depends on a long or short term strategy. If you want both I'd say salah is still undervalued strong PB and MB plus world cup. If long term maybe a Luis Suarez with a weak WC group. Finally for a short term try an eriksen with spurs playing a weak palace at the weekend he could be due a rise

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