Pogba going boom! Boom! Booooom!

  • There's one week to do a deal if he's going. It is just not possible, unless the negotiations have been under a ring of steel.

  • Today is St Pog Day. I'm finally in the green again. Having foolessly sold him at the end of the season because I couldn't stand seeing his smug face in my portfolio ( and thinking he was away) I bought in when all those MB wins were too much. Kept topping up (even at £7.50😱) then again at £7.06 and all the numbers in between. He's a risky 20% of my portfolio now.
    With Pogba I've made all the mistakes you could apart from ISing him. I've allowed emotions and FOMO effect my trading.
    Lots of lessons learned.
    Pog is the King. Long live the King 🤴🏿

  • @LittleFish 20% wow you must have gone through some underwear

  • @Jonah
    🤣 He’s around the same for me but still in good profit as I’ve held for a while. Same with Neymar.

  • Just wait til/if it is certain he is staying...might crash the website.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 risky game to play with both I think what with neymar being an absolute tool. I hold Pogba but only a small percent of my port and only got in fairly recently FOMO. Slightly in the red but the upside on this is worth it.

  • Pogba currently makes up 28% of my port (bad I know) at an average price of £6.99, just couldn't help myself when it keeps dropping and dropping...

  • @ChazFI123 - He is just under 30% of mine. Was over that until i chucked 500 in for Sterling before the announcement,

  • Pogba is one of my biggest holds, but I never have a player above 5% of my port. Of my invested cash, he's 3.7%. I'm up 64% on him, including dividends, so he's definitely been a loyal hold for me.

  • @Westy would crash the Website if he goes.

  • @Jonah
    I’d still hold even if he did leave for Madrid. His name is Paul Pogba 😂

  • He makes up 40% of my portfolio and as far as I’m concerned he may as well be pinned there as I wouldn’t sell, he’s just a dividend machine!

    To be fair I did buy around October last year so I’m massively up on him and have had 400 quid divs in that time.

  • @Hound makes it an easy decision for you, not so for others that bought post SS. Nice position to be in, I bet all your divs were reinvested in him cos I would of been doing the same if I had signed up earlier.

  • Having lost out twice on him already since the ss, i feel like he flipping owes me big, so I sold 60% of my portfolio and stuck it all(£3000) on the POG!

    Knowing my luck he will be off tomoz now lol

  • @Jad1982 fuck that's a bit drastic, haven't you seen the adverts an angry bet is a bad bet😂 hope it pays off🤞

  • No news yet on his transfer to Madrid - should be an interesting week with transfers flying in.

  • @Jonah cheers, it's a little bit of fomo and me thinking they can't sell him this late in the window, if a transfer was close or likely then I reckon he would have a mb score of 1000+, plus Madrid havent even made a bid yet, and can't see utd selling after the window closes either, so worth a punt for me

  • @Jad1982 yeah a move is very doubtful now. Could be worth stacks of mb all the way to the January window.

  • @Black-wolf yeah it seems people just sell here to buy others, where is all this new money that the experienced traders here said will be pumped into the index end of July. We’ve had one big day Tuesday but then followed by a pretty substantial sell off. It’s not looking good for growth this season?

  • @Mr-Random-number u keep saying this but every day the footie is going up healthily

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