Pogba going boom! Boom! Booooom!

  • hope we get x2 more pens he bags em and grabs a third for the hatty and wrap up MB and PB haha

  • Absolutely insane overeaction! Madness

  • Buying now as his price will be going back up again v soon

  • Be interesting to see if rashford only takes penalties hes won...would love to see what will happen if they get another pen and pogba bags it!

  • I really want to top up but would need to sell to do so! If he drops under 7 then I'm balls deep in Pogba.

  • Pogba's first half PB score of 79 is excellent seeing as he hasn't scored or assisted. He's the highest scoring PB midfielder in this game so far - it shows he doesn't need to score or assist to get good PB scores.

    Would be hilarious if he ended up as top midfielder today after so many have dumped him.

  • 15p in the context of Pogba's price is nothing. Only people who bought in at the top will need to worry.

  • @Alpilgrim its closer to 40p now, hes my biggest hold and I simply could not care any less at all. People are bonkers man, youd think hed sent a tweet out in a juve kit, I just laugh at things like this

  • I thought he'd been stretchered off injured when I first saw the drops. Ridiculous.

  • I thought you were saying that Pogba will be £8+ before even game start (similar with Neymar) 🤔

    Platform has changed a lot's and money flying around players. Often its better to listen to the market and understand what it's telling you rather than sticking to some preconceptions! 🤔
    Very interesting season ahead, can't wait for more 🤓

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