Fulham thoughts - Could expand to Championship

  • Mitrovic @ 70p - should score a fair few in the Championship this season, in a team that should do well.
    Especially with the signings of -

    Antony Knockheart @36p
    Ivan Cavaliero @33p

    Two flying wingers who will fire in crosses and get assists I believe. What do those with more knowledge think?

    I thought we could pick out some decent Championship players too if anyone has any ideas.

  • @NewUser402517 personally think that Cavaliero and Knockeart aren't great purchases in terms of FI as they've both proven they can't perform in the PL so even if Fulham come up I can't imagine them being a success in the PL in the future, Mitrovic may get a move but I think the fact he just signed a new long term contract isn't ideal

  • Unless you think there is a good chance of a player in a non-PB league getting a transfer into one of the top 5 leagues and doing well, then it's a big opportunity cost putting your money into them.

    The three players you mention; two have just moved to Fulham, and the other signed a new long term contract. None of them did particularly well when in the EPL either.

    I think you'd find far better value elsewhere.

  • I guess Mitro leaves next summer if we don't get promoted.

  • Thanks guys. Still learning 👍🏾

  • @NewUser402517 no problem, everyone's still learning this game! I think there probably is value in some players in the Championship, and definitely in other non-PB leagues in Europe especially - but I just don't think these examples are them. There can be a fine line on the Index between patience and money better off elsewhere.

  • They are all having a stormer tonight!

  • @NewUser402517 nice picks! Do you fancy taking a crack at the goal scorers for this coming weekend 😃

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