Victor Camarasa

  • A slight rise in his price today... any more news on the ex Cardiff loanee being linked with Palace?

  • Slight rise - 10%! I’m in quite heavy on him, I’ve heard a few mid table Prem teams looking at him but this his parent club are reluctant to sell - could rumble on

  • Be interesting to see how this one developes and who else is interested.. keeping an eye on him... worth a punt on here when there's speculation.

  • I’ve quickly googled and it seems he’s going to turn down Palace as he wants to play first team football in Spain or move to a higher standard team in Prem - that’s ballsy 👀

    I don’t have any PD stats for him but anyone who can score 5 and assist 4 in 32 games for a relegated Cardiff team can obviously play a bit - especially from centre midfield. Based on those articles Cardiff fans love him too. Apparently only valued at £17m by Betis, this one has Daniel Levy and Spurs written all over it. I’d imagine Christian Erikson news would cause a huge spike with him. Long term hold for me

  • From an FI perspective, Palace may not have been the best move for him as he would have to compete with Milivojevic's PB who's on all set pieces. Camarasa is a class so hopefully he moves to a team where he can be the main man from a PB perspective.

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