Bruno Fernandes?

  • I personally think Bruno Fernandes has gone under the radar on FI. Would like to know other peoples opinions on him and whether you think he's a good investment or not.

    Side note: I would like to disclose that I do own shares in him.


    • 23 years old, would be fairly easy for any big European team to get in the transfer window.
    • World Cup starter for Portugal
      +Still in Europa League with Sporting.
      +has won back to back PB performances from Europa League, scoring 200+.
      +Scores High quality goals and consistently for a Midfielder.
      +Currently trading at 80p. Cheap and very low risk.
      +One of the standout players in Liga Nos this season.

    -Plays in Liga Nos - no regular PB dividends.
    -No MB

  • @Hybrid said in Bruno Fernandes?:

    -Plays in Liga Nos - no regular PB dividends.
    -No MB

    Those negatives are pretty big negatives. When you consider that plenty of players at the same price point will have an extra 40+ chances to win PB over the course of a season.

    For me, the main reason to get on him at this stage is if you really think he's due a move into the big five leagues.

  • Haven't I seen him win or be very close a pb win more than once in the 10 days av been here?

  • It's more for people who have bigger portfolios that want a long term hold with minimal risk. I get your point though. I just think he's a really good player for the WC and there's usually one or two under the radar players that can blossom from the world cup.

  • @Simon-j I started monitoring him for the first fixture leg of the Europa league for sporting and he won top midfielder. Invested in him for this weeks fixtures and got top midfielder/star man. Returned me a healthy £90 from 500 shares!

  • @Hybrid I though he did I bought 1 just to track him and he's likely to win more as its poor league they always perform well and an odd 12p return on sub 90p share is worth a punt, prob a good 70-100% share increase is possible

  • @Simon-j Keep in mind you will only gain PB from him through Europa League though. Sadly Liga Nos is not one of the PB leagues.

  • Good observation, players out of the top 5 leagues are rightly so not attractive to most and go under the radar
    Low risk and possibly high returns, could win PB in the EL and during the WC as the best PB option in midfield when portugual are playing
    Picked up 200 and expect his price to near £1.30 as people reshuffle their portfolios towards the WC in the next few weeks

  • @Hybrid ahhh I didn't know that(only 10 days in) although it doesn't really affect me as I only play for buzz.....if I get a pb is an added bonus

  • I bought 200 a while back. He's playing well. Only downside is he just moved home to Portugal after a kinda failure in Italy, doubt he'd leave again in a hurry unless it's a great deal for him.
    But the world cup could change everything.

  • I bought 400 shares at 53p a few months ago & my only regret is not buying more!!

    He's far too good for the Portuguese league & I'd have a big wager on him not being at Sporting next season.

    In terms of PB, he didn't win it last week but he did score 240pts, which was the 2nd highest score of the night. Then he followed up with this week's 206pts. That's impressive in my book, a playmaker with an eye for goal = PB machine!!

    A good world cup & who knows how high his price could go??

  • @Hybrid said in Bruno Fernandes?:

    Bruno Fernandes

    Negatives a whopping 88p for someone with no transfer links to the top 5 leagues, would be dead cash.

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