The Ox

  • Anyone else thinking oxlade chamberlain is a good price at the minute, dropped off quite a lot since the hype of his move?

  • I think he gives england some versatility- will defo be in the squad (barring injury).

    (disclosure: i hold some futures in ox)

  • He's god awful and overrated like 95% of the England squad. Not a natural footballer just a reasonably good athlete. Rarely if ever gonna win you MB or PB got no transfer on the horizon and Jurgen Klopp doesn't rate him. There's an air of Theo Walcott/ Shaun Wright Phillips about him.

  • @NewUser115475

    Don’t rate the chances of England at the World Cup then.... easy group, couple of decent draws, one in-off the large Alli backside, another shank by our talisman that is Harry Kane and a tournament long blinder by Pickford/Butland and all England players will double (those in the Squad..).

    Even the Ox will see a sizeable increase (agree not trusted by Klopp, but will be on the plane).

    My pick for World Cup glory the Iranian lad that Noir has invested in...

  • A player don’t have to be good to be a good investment we have learned today it’s all about the hype. For days now Pogba been killing PB and now it’s transferred to a market response which is based on him being dropped to some degree.

  • if you asked me 4/5 years ago I might have said he's England's great hope, pace, power, drives forward, skillful, technical, play him anywhere he'll bring a new dimension to your team..... Fast forward some depressing years under Wenger and the lad has actually gone backwards??? What's his best position?? He's lost his confidence, appalling on the ball in the final third, seems like he doesn't believe in himself anymore which is down to probably reading too many things like this online?

    I remember watching him destroying a Bayern Munich team full of stars and now... I would only pick the Ox based on the potential he still might have and for those occasional glimpses of brilliance he shown in his early days as an England fringe player.

    Is he worth 1.17? well he hasn't really stamped his authority on a starting spot at club level so getting PB might be tricky? He won't be leaving Anfield any time soon so MB might also be tricky... even if he gets a call up for England its probably expected so that might not up his value enough?? so his only growth opportunities are down to his improving form? So if you believe he's improving at Liverpool then yes, invest, do it... But do i believe he's there yet??? I'm not so sure??? Time will tell but I just hope he doesn't become another player with unfulfilled potential due to having too much too young!

  • Does anyone know what position he plays?

    Englands squad will be very interesting.

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